Stirling City Stories

Blue Steel #4

World at War: Looking for Jack

Having arrived at the Gralein Building with Bob, Blue Steel had met up with Obfuscate and then they had all teleported to the top floor where they found that things had been dealt with already (by The Truth, Blur and Captain Awesome). While everyone else prepared to head off to their next location, Bob asked Blue Steel if she could track down Jack (who he had been expecting to join them at the Gralein Building). Blue Steel agreed and began searching the roads and laneways between the Gralein Building and the Magic Club.

No sooner had she set out than she found a group of armoured soldiers flying along (using jet packs). Finding this suspicious, she tried to follow them but was almost immediately spotted. The ensuing combat saw Blue Steel victorious (although one did escape) and on the ground with an unconscious captive standing in front of a surprised looking man who turned out to be Jack.

Talking to Jack, Blue Steel got the impression that he knew more of what was going on than he was letting on. He was unwilling to go with her to join Bob (who he called Bob Nostradamus), but he was willing to give her something that Bob would need. Which is just as weird as it sounds.

Before Blue Steel could convince Jack to accompany her they were attacked by some kind of shadow demon that was able to incapacitate Blue Steel with little effort. When Jack revived her with his healing touch she saw that his clothing had mostly disappeared (revealing his ripped abdomen and rippling chest muscles). He had also grown a pair of fiery wings.

Finally Blue Steel was convinced to head back to meet up with the others, but Jack gave her a dagger made from glass (or crystal) before she left. He, in turn, was preparing to fight more shadow demons.



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