Stirling City Stories

Captain Awesome #4

Irregular Circumstances: Prologue

Captain Awesome returned to Stirling City with no fanfare. He’d been through a lot over the past twelve months or so and he was looking for a break, if however so brief. A place like Stirling City was perfect for that, as there are so many other costumed heroes around to take care of any problems that crop up.

He dropped in to the Magic Bar, a place he’d heard catered well for exotic clientele (which was an understatement, some of the customers defied belief!) and hoped that he’d be able to just blend in. Unfortunately the owner, Jack, noticed him and came over to speak to him. Jack mentioned straight off that there was something that Captain Awesome would need to see over at The Toadstool. Captain Awesome knew the place (he’d done a small gig there once or twice) and so he could get there pretty quickly. Particularly when he could just fly over the traffic.

The Toadstool was a crime scene. Police were all over the place, but they let him in on sight (they seemed to recognize him, probably because he’s AWESOME!) and showed him to where Night-Ward was speaking to Francis Fabien. Both stood in the middle of a room littered with dead bodies and spent shell casings. The corpses were dressed as cultists, maybe they even were cultists, and some of them seemed to have blue skin. Night-Ward was asking if Francis Fabien thought the Stirling Heroes should handle this case, but the detective didn’t think they were good for this case. He instead offered his new group of heroes, the Stirling City Irregulars, as the investigators for this case. Night-Ward seemed happy enough with this.

As Francis Fabien left, Night-Ward spoke with Captain Awesome. He mentioned how someone (he was evasive about who this someone was) had told him that he would meet Captain Awesome at this crime scene tonight. Sure enough, here was Captain Awesome. Night-Ward then asked Captain Awesome to go on a short mission for the Heroes’ League. All he would have to do is go to the World of the Jade Emperor and ask to borrow the Chime of Warning from them. Apparently the people of that alternate reality do like the Heroes’ League but are only willing to lend the chime to someone with divine blood (hence, Captain Awesome).

Captain Awesome accepted, of course, and so Night Ward immediately offered to take him to the Heroes Hall, where the Heroes’ League had a mystical doorway that leads directly to the World of the Jade Emperor.



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