Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #72

World at War: Shadow Nazi Attack

The Stirling Heroes have just watched Quickdraw vanish and have then spoken with Professor Atom (who got teleported to Germany in mid-conversation). Hearing that the Shadow Nazis had opened several large inter-dimensional portals in and around Berlin, the heroes began discussing how best to lend their assistance. Before these plans could get very far they were interrupted by the sounds of explosions from just outside (above) the base. Shadow Stalker used his ESP to determine that someone had set up a rocket launcher platform on a nearby building and was firing a stream of rockets at the concealed base.

Immediately the Stirling Heroes leapt into action, with Shadow Stalker teleporting Frostbite, Thorn and HuBot (and himself) to the rooftop that held the attackers. The Arc-Angel, meanwhile, was trying to ascertain the extent of the damage to his base, but soon flew to join his comrades.

HuBot was able to use his chainsaw to “disable” the rocket launcher and then he Frostbite and Thorn set about dealing with the guards that were stationed on it. They proved to be hard to hit, but by then The Arc-Angel had shown up and quickly fried them with electricity. The guards were all wearing advanced full-body armour, similar to that worn by the security forces of Dynamic Solutions. When they removed the helmet of one of the guards they were even more surprised to find that the man underneath was a shadow nazi! It was at this point that they caught sight of the top of a shimmering portal in the distance, at the point where it was just clearing the roofline.

Without any hesitation they began scouting (via ESP) and then moving closer (via teleportation, which was growing difficult for Shadow Stalker for some reason, but he didn’t mention it to anyone) until Shadow Stalker was able to get a good view of what was going on. On the street just in front of Dynamic Solutions an enormous inter-dimensional portal had opened to allow rank upon rank of infantry (all seemingly wearing the same armour as the guards back on the rooftop) to march onto the streets of Stirling City. Accompanying the infantry were tanks, APCs, motorcycles and a colossal monstrosity that seemed to be the bizarre melding of a scorpion and a man. This monstrosity towered above everything else, and the infantry were easily able to walk beneath its body as it made its way down the street. Some of the infantry would occasionally get stepped on by the creature, as it failed to keep track of the soldiers moving between its multiple segmented legs.

The heroes were horrified, but HuBot (and Flicker) were up to the task of keeping the infantry busy while the others attempted to close the portal. As HuBot went off and engaged roughly 1000 soldiers in combat (which was a new personal best, even if it didn’t end too well for him as he was eventually cut down and left for dead) the other Stirling Heroes got closer to the actual portal. They were able to determine that the portal was being generated from the other side (the world of the shadow Nazis, presumably). An initial attempt by Shadow Stalker and Frostbite to teleport through and attack the generators failed… as Shadow Stalker found himself blocked from teleporting through the portal by a force field that also countered teleportation. So they fell back to Plan B, which involved Shadow Stalker possessing the Shadow Colossus (the colossal scorpion man thing) and trying to batter through the force field with its pincer hands.

All went well, with the creature easily falling under his sway, but it took too long for the beast to walk back to the force field and it was then able to shrug off Shadow Stalker’s possession! Catching sight of the Stirling Heroes, it then chose to attack!!!

Frostbite fell quickly, no match for the pure strength of the massive pincer that enfolded him. Thorn mentally assailed the creature, but to little avail. Shadow Stalker then too those two to safety, while The Arc-Angel did his best to lure the beast into the force field (which it didn’t do) or possibly on to Dynamic Solutions (which seemed to be included inside the force field).

To be continued…



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