Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #73

World at War: Reinforcements

The Arc-Angel continued with his plan of trying to lure the massive Shadow Colossus on to the Dynamic Solutions building, while keeping out of its reach. This was complicated by the creature starting to fire beams of dark fire from its eyes, but The Arc-Angel was able to dodge these and then used the building as cover. For a few tense moments it seemed like he might be able to outsmart his enormous opponent, but he then lost track of it (while remaining out of the creature’s line of sight, it meant he couldn’t see it either), allowing it to get the drop on him. A well placed hit from the Shadow Colossus then sent The Arc-Angel flying away to land, unconscious, in a dumpster…

Which brings us to HuBot, who managed to recover from his serious wounds and retake the field. Looking for a good opportunity to engage the large amount of enemy soldiers once more he (well Flicker) caught sight of a single flying figure approaching the vicinity. Through his gun sight, HuBot was able to see that this was his nemesis Sidewinder! So he shot him down. Finding the downed Sidewinder (which luckily didn’t take too long), HuBot bound him with some “scavenged” chains and then healed him, only to learn that Sidewinder had been released from jail to serve with the Omega Unit (some kind of super powered community service perhaps). Convinced that Sidewinder was a “good guy” for the moment, HuBot freed him and then headed off to where this Omega Unit had set up a temporary field base…

Shadow Stalker was using his teleportation and possession to keep causing havoc amidst the invaders, but whilst this was happening Thorn caught sight of some helicopters approaching the area. She was able to mentally contact the pilots and discovered that they were US army reconnaissance. They passed on to her that Omega Unit had established a temporary base nearby, which Shadow Stalker was able to take teleport them all (including the unconscious Frostbite) to.

While HuBot kept himself busy healing wounded civilian and army personnel as they were brought into the Omega Unit base, the other Stirling Heroes were introduced to Colonel Fraser Miles, the leader of Omega Unit. He was appreciative of their presence (with most super powered individuals having already gone to Germany) and was able to tell them that there were three inter-dimensional portals currently open in Stirling City. Sidewinder was soon able to report back (via radio contact) that there were Shadow Nazis and Shadow Colossi emerging from each portal. With a bit of digital investigation, The Arc-Angel (who had recovered and had been directed to this base also) was able to determine that one of these portals was appearing near a closed down community radio station (which had been purchased last year by a private trust) and that the other was appearing near an electronics wholesaler that was part owned by Dynamic Solutions! Sidewinder was then kept busy trying to stem the flow of invaders from one of the portals (apparently some other groups of super-powered individuals had arrived to reinforce the other portal).

Thorn (acting as The Rose) also managed to report back to her new boss, the Ice Queen, in Washington. Ice Queen was eager to hear news from ground zero of the American invasion and was also surprised to hear that Colonel Miles was the leader of Omega Unit. She further asked that The Rose keep her apprised of any further developments (and to let her know immediately if Colonel Miles did anything… odd).

Frostbite used this time to see if there was any help to be forthcoming from his Earth Front buddies. Of course, they had all been deployed to Germany, but the admin people he was able to contact were grateful of the information he was able to provide from the situation in Stirling City.

With things looking grim, HuBot and Shadow Stalker were sent back to the Dynamic Solutions portal to see if they could stealthily penetrate the protective force field. While Shadow Stalker provided a distraction (and almost blew himself to pieces with one of HuBot’s grenades) HuBot “snuck” to the top of the force field and tried using his chainsaw to break through. Despite his success, he could only temporarily penetrate the field (with any holes repairing themselves afterwards). He then took the initiative and went looking for another way in…

Back with the Omega Unit, The Arc-Angel, Thorn and Frostbite were engaging the Shadow Nazis in combat (alongside the US Army). The battle was fierce but decisive, with the Shadow Nazis being broken without ever troubling the heroes. With the enemy retreating before them, they allowed themselves to feel that maybe they could win this after all… until they caught sight of a colossal (well, much larger than colossal) figure of darkness materialise in what was probably Stirling Park! To be visible from that distance, the figure would have to have been several hundred feet tall!!! Dread began to seep into the bones and souls of the nearby troops, but then The Panther (who had also just materialised nearby… lot of that going around) told the Stirling Heroes to keep the faith and keep on fighting, before he started flying (!) off towards the super colossal figure, enlarging himself as he went until he could stand on equal footing with the shadowy interloper.

Elsewhere, HuBot had finally found a sewer tunnel that led him towards Dynamic Solutions. Progressing down the tunnel he eventually came to a point where it had been recently upgrade (ooo, chromed sewer tunnels!). At tis point he also encountered the force field once more. Desperately he tried penetrating it once more to no avail.

To be continued…



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