Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #74

World at War: Blowing Things Up

Following their earlier battle, The Stirling Heroes had gathered together at the head of the Omega Unit army. They had faced wave upon wave of Shadow Nazi attack, but each had been repulsed with ease. They had been making slow progress, however, due to their wish to keep pace with the Omega Unit troops.

Then five Shadow Nazi super-soldiers came to the fore and attacked the Stirling Heroes. These warriors, armed with dark, mystical lances and wielding strange powers, could almost have been a match for the heroes, but between Frostbite’s ferocity, The Arc-Angel’s elctryfying power, Shadow Stalker’s precise teleporting, Thorn’s accurate shooting and HuBot’s cheerful destructiveness they were able to win through. It was only once these Shadow Nazi Super Soldiers had been defeated that Thorn noticed that the force field, which had been protecting the portal near Dynamic Solutions, was no longer there!

Within seconds HuBot had begun launching his grenades deep into the enemy army and through the portal’s opening. Moments later the deafening explosions were followed by the great portal winking out of existence! (Though they couldn’t see it, the other two portals in Stirling City also winked out at this time.) Despite the closing of the portals there were still a large number of Shadow Nazi soldiers within the city (not to mention the hulking Shadow Colossus, and whatever had appeared in Stirling Park). So the Stirling Heroes kept fighting and HuBot was finally able to get a shot at the Boss Monster (the Shadow Colossus)!

In Stirling Park a small band of misfit adventurers (including Jack, Memoria and others) are holding back an overwhelming swarm of shadow demons, while towering above them, each standing much taller than the nearby buildings, but both being composed of smoke and ether) The Panther battles The Shadow Mage. Bob Nostradamus, Nova, The Other Guys and the Stirling City Irregulars arrive to lend much needed assistance to the forces holding the Shadow Demons at bay. The Shadow Mage, seeing that his forces might soon be overcome, attempts to consolidate his power (activating the magic circles that have been established for him) but the attempt fails when the magic circle within the Gralein Building fails to activate. With renewed desperation he doubles his offensive, driving The Panther to his knees. The Panther then reveals his secret weapon, White Lady, but even her light magic doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to halt The Shadow Mage, until she is joined by Burnished Dawn carrying a Dawn Shard. This extra assistance is enough to destroy The Shadow Mage, sending his essence screaming back to the shadowy dimension that is his home.

With his destruction, the shadow demons, shadow colossi and other creatures of shadow magic fade away, leaving the battered remains of the Shadow Nazi army (in both Stirling City and Berlin) all alone. The surrender of the Shadow Nazi commanders follows shortly afterwards.

Perplexed, HuBot stopped evading his opponent as the giant scorpion thing shattered into a thousand shards of darkness. Must have been one of those bosses.



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