Stirling City Stories

The Other Guys #13

World at War: Incursion

With the sound of feet approaching, the heroes sprang into action. As armoured guards rounded the corner they were met with a blasting attack from Captain Awesome, which sent at least half of their number falling to the floor. The Truth and Obfuscate used this opportunity to begin reconnoitring the area (with Obfuscate going as far as to disguise himself as one of the guards.

Bob and Blur supplied support to Captain Awesome, laying down covering fire and a slippery surface respectively. With their assistance Captain Awesome was able to clean up all of the guards in short order.

A short distance from the combat area, The Truth was able to access a security computer terminal where she was able to create a new password for accessing any areas of the complex they were in before looking into what was going on. She discovered that the whole facility (wherever they were) was in a lockdown situation due to a force field being erected (Operation Lock Out, as it was referred to in the computer files). At this time radio and wi-fi communications are also expected to be disrupted. She figured that this force field would probably prevent them from leaving. Also, The Truth was able to discover that there were a number of special guests (read prisoners) being kept on-site, several of which were listed as requiring special restraints (due to their special abilities). While The Truth was investigating the computer network Obfuscate very nearly sat down on her (one of the draw backs of being both invisible and silent), but he realised what must be going on at the last moment, so he instead took his snooping further into the facility.

At this time Blue Steel caught up to her companions, flying up the now ruined elevator shaft (it was destroyed by several grenades during the earlier combat) and had passed on the glass dagger that Jack had entrusted her with. Blue Steel, Blur and Bob Nostradamus then all met up with The Truth and they determined that dismantling the force field generator and freeing the prisoners was probably what they should be doing.



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