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The Other Guys #14

World at War: Power

Having appropriated a helmet from an armoured guard, Obfuscate had learned that the helmet’s HUD enabled the wearer to see in a number of different spectrums. A useful thing for him to know, so that he knew not to rely on his invisibility to keep him safe while he scouted around the facility. Encountering guards, he chose to retreat and find back up rather than risk an encounter…

The other heroes had been discussing what they should do, how best to get down to where the force field controls were located and shut them down. With Obfuscate showing up again, it was decided that The Truth should go and stealthily deal with the guard he had found (which she did… and then she dealt with the guard he hadn’t seen). With the guards taken care of, Captain Awesome used his music to win over the loyalty of some technicians (or scientists) working near the force field control panels. With the technicians now fully supportive of whatever Captain Awesome wanted them to do he got them to shut down the force field. For good measure The Truth then destroyed the control panels, which caused a potentially dangerous power build up to begin. From the technicians, The Truth and Obfuscate learned that the power source for the whole facility was apparently a person, so they figured they should prevent this person from exploding.

While The Truth and Obfuscate head off to see to that, Blur races around until he finds another elevator (that will lead them down to where The Truth and Obfuscate are), but in the process he finds more guards. So he, Captain Awesome and Blue Steel do their best to fight off the guards, not realising that Bob Nostradamus has slipped away without telling anyone. The heroes (in two separate areas of the facility) find themselves fighting guards, but they are easily able to deal with their opponents, with The Truth even managing to free the bound “power source” (the missing hero Nova) from his cradle. Only Blue Steel ran into any trouble and then only when she went looking for Bob, for a guard shot her down, leaving her bleeding and alone.

With Nova free and the remaining guards knocked down with a surge of his plasma energy the lights begin to dim in the facility…


You missed the part where Nova may be a little unstable (maybe should’ve checked his powers before freeing him) and “went nova”. Damn near gave me a heart attack.

The Other Guys #14

I did forget that. :D
Thanks for the reminder!

The Other Guys #14

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