Stirling City Stories

The Other Guys #15

World at War: Getting Out Again

Having crept off stealthily earlier, Bob Nostradamus works his way into where the prisoners are being kept and, after waiting for the guards to be called away, he frees them. He tells the Stirling City Irregulars (being Francis Fabien, The Colt, Water Sprite, Tomorrow Girl, Sveln and Njordos) to lead the two frightened scientists to safety, but Francis Fabien insists on staying to see the job through, telling Water Sprite to get everyone else to the Tennel Enterprises building for safety. Bob doesn’t mention to Water Sprite that her son (Blur) is nearby, but he does apologise to Black Ghost, Lightning Hachi and (particularly) Burnished Dawn who he arranged to captured many months earlier. He tried to explain that what had happened was for the best, but they weren’t interested in his excuses. Burnished Dawn did listen to him, however, when he gave her a glass dagger that he called a Dawn Shard and told her that no matter what, she had to make it to Stirling Park later.

With the sound of many approaching boots sounding around them, Bob lead the newly freed prisoners into an adjoining room where they were able to meet up with Blur, Captain Awesome, Blue Steel, Obfuscate, The Truth and Nova, all of whom had just caught the elevator back to this level in search of Bob. The Other Guys had a brief reunion, before the second elevator’s door opened to reveal a squad of armoured guards!

Dealing with the guards in the elevator (and other guards who had been approaching from behind) was an easy prospect for this band of heroes, but they still didn’t know how to get out. Trying the elevator again, they take it to the top floor where they find a large squad of armoured guards waiting for them. These guards are heavily decimated by the heroes’ initial attack, but are able to counterattack with their modified Multi-Guns! Rockets and rail gun shots flew, seriously hurting the heroes (who were all packed quite closely together in the elevator), with Bob even leaping in front of Burnished Dawn to prevent her from being shot at one point (this shot left him unconscious and bleeding on the ground).

Luckily the heroes were able to persevere, defeating this second group of guards. Burnished Dawn was then able to spend some time healing the varied injuries everyone had incurred (Bob was particularly happy to find out that he had survived the combat, he hadn’t been sure that he would) in their escape, while everyone was also able to peer out the nearby windows to see the hordes of Shadow Nazi Soldiers marching out of the nearby portal (because they were, of course, inside the Dynamic Solutions building).

With everyone healthy again they all agreed to escort Burnished Dawn to Stirling Park for whatever fate awaited her there.



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