Stirling City Stories

Thorn #9

Specialist Jane Doe, ret.

Time rolled around and all too soon Thorn (with HuBot and Flicker) was back up on Sky-Eye to meet with the army representatives. She listened once more to their offer and then calmly gave them her reasons for deciding to not join their new unit, whatever that was. As they began expressing their disappointment and getting the necessary forms ready for her dismissal, Thorn used the opportunity to read the mind of the head of the military delegation. From him she was able to learn that the new unit was Omega Unit and was to be primarily concerned with protecting America from threats posed by super-humans. There was no mandate within this new unit for experimenting on soldiers or attempting to create new super-soldiers.

As all of this was quite boring to him, HuBot spent the duration of the meeting remembering something more exciting. Eventually Flicker got his attention and made him sign a piece of paper. It said that he was a witness to what had transpired there. Although he hadn’t witnessed anything, he also didn’t have any legal rights; so him signing the piece of paper was a farce all round.

Following the meeting on Sky-Eye, Thorn went back to O’Harrigan’s (after telling HuBot that she was going to a secret meeting and that he should come looking for her if she didn’t show up again in a certain amount of time) where she once more made contact with The Legs. He led her out to the limo again, where the lady was waiting (again). Once in the limo Thorn let the woman know that she was accepting her job offer.

They were then flown (in the limo, of course) to an office building in Washington, D.C., where the lady explained that Thorn had just joined The X-Organization, a secret group that had once reported to the Pentagon and the White House but was now a privately funded information gathering organization. Where necessary they still kept the Pentagon and White House appraised of situations, but never directly. As far as the world is to know The X-Organization ceased to exist in the mid-1990s (most of the world would never have known they existed in the first place). The lady also properly introduced herself as Ice Queen, the head of The X-Organization.

Thorn was then given a tour of the Washington office as well as being introduced to many of the office staff. Over the following months she would be able to be properly brought up to speed on her role within The X-Organization (which, to begin with, would involve remaining in Stirling City and keeping an eye on things, and people, there). As a cover story, Thorn was “officially” hired by Sentinel Security International, a false company run as a cover for The X-Organization.



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