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World at War Special #1


The invasion of Earth by the inhabitants of Earth-Shadow was over, but what of those who took part in the conflict? Over the following months, as both Berlin and Stirling City entered a reconstruction phase, the following things took place:

  • Blue Steel: Although she enjoyed catching up with The Other Guys, Blue Steel was eager to return to her movie set out in LA. Then she received word from LA that the producers for her film had vanished, taking her prototype battle suits with them. No record of the producers can now be found.
  • Bob Nostradamus: Having done everything that he had needed to, Bob slipped away in the confusion at the end of the battle.
  • Burnished Dawn (& White Lady): White Lady offers Burnished Dawn membership in the Secret Order of Druids, as well as training as a wielder of light magic (not something Burnished Dawn knows anything about yet). White Lady feels that Burnished Dawn has it in her to become a Luminary, one of the leaders of the Secret Order.
  • Executive Solutions: Thanks to their efforts in Avery, one third of the invading force was bottled up and so they are regarded as heroes by the people of Stirling City, with their obviously xenophobic attitudes being praised by some (and ignored by others). Zodiac (on behalf of his team) is presented with the keys of the city, a move that is frowned upon by many.
  • Frostbite: With HuBot now recognised as a hero of the city, Frostbite is no longer required to remain in the city to watch over him. However Earth Front gives Frostbite the option of staying on in the city if he wishes.
  • The MRC: They suffered severe casualties after being the first respondents to the invasion in Berlin, with over 60% of their fighting force being killed or seriously injured. Following the invasion they also find that many of their dead were stripped of their battle suits (some were then finished off, after being stripped of their battle suits). There is talk in the UN, spearheaded by the US, of getting rid of the MRC.
  • Nova: Nova powers down following the battle and heads off to reunite with his family and friends after so many years away.
  • Omega Unit: Luckily Omega Unit had been on manoeuvres at Fort Claybourne when the invasion started, otherwise things may have turned out much worse. The President publicly lauds the Omega Unit for their work in protecting America when needed.
  • Salamander: Having seen The Panther fighting against The Shadow Mage in Stirling Park, Salamander is reminded of why she became a superhero in the first place. Overcome with remorse for the decisions she’s made over the years she turns herself in to the police.
  • Stirling City Irregulars: Despite their first case ending in disaster, Francis Fabien is convinced that they show strong promise. He tries to find Nova, to offer him a place on the team, but the hero wishes nothing more than to be left alone.
  • Stirling City: Much rebuilding needs to be done in Stirling City but it is sped along with assistance from Professor Atom (and his constructobots). On the site of the Caville portal they decide to build a memorial to all of those who died during the invasion.
  • Stirling Heroes & The Other Guys: Thanks to their central role in defeating, or at least containing, the invasion, the Stirling Heroes and The Other Guys are presented with the keys to the city.
  • The Arc-Angel: Returns to his base to find that it received considerable damage (from the initial rocket attack) resulting in the prisoners escaping. Agent Gibbs turns out to be ok though, just drunk. Luckily, the investigation into his mistreatment of animals gets forgotten about (for now) in the media blitz following the invasion.
  • The Panther: The spectral hero who, when he was alive, was The Panther manages to disappear without any trouble. He is sure to return when he is needed once more…
  • The Truth: Was able to present her evidence to the US state department, which led to a thorough investigation of Dynamic Solutions. So far it looks like the company might not survive.
  • Thorn: Is debriefed by Ice Queen, who is now able to tell her that the head of Omega Unit, Colonel Miles, used to go by the code name Omega-Dawn. Some years ago this former superhero attempted a worldwide coup, but was defeated and has been in hiding ever since. Ice Queen is disquieted by the implications of the US military being willing to reach out to this wanted man.


I think the Truth would also like to see the corporation Dynamic Solutions shutdown. She should have enough evidence, if the many super hero witnesses weren’t enough. :-)

World at War Special #1

Argh, I completely forgot to even mention The Truth!
I’ve now edited the entry and added her in. :D

World at War Special #1

I bet Hubot is excited about the talk of disbanding the MRC.

And Arc-Angel will be thinking that he’s a media genius after his press releases worked so well.

World at War Special #1

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