The Black Ghost


I really wish I could actually draw the comic of this…

It is raining
A man in mechanics overalls walks down an alley, between tall buildings, supporting a pregnant woman
The pregnant woman is clearly in pain
“Only 5 more blocks to go darling”, states the man, clearly concerned about his wife
Suddenly there is splash as a wallet lands in front of them
Looking around the man pauses to pick it up – there is no one in sight
The wallet clearly contains money and the man smiles
He helps the woman to the end of the alley, yelling for a taxi
A taxi pulls up
Atop a nearby building a man smiles as he sees the couple get into the taxi
Inside the taxi the man opens the wallet, drivers license for Stirling (lastname)
Back atop the building man (Stirling) turns around to see thugs attire in the gang outfit of the X Warriors
An X Warrior steps forward “you aint too smart man, how you gonna pay for your life when you aint got no wallet?”
The taxi pulls up outside the hospital
Stirling is fighting the warriors on the roof
Man helps his wife into the hospital, she screams in pain as they get through the door
The hospital rushes the woman to emergency
Cut back to the rooftop – Stirling has beat down a few of the thugs
Hospital – delivery is underway
Rooftop – previously hidden thug pulls a gun and shoots Stirling – he topples off roof
Hospital baby is born
Wife is still is intensive care
Baby boy is given to father
Doctor “Your wife is in a critical but stable condition. It was a very close thing. If you’d been a minute later we wouldn’t have been able to save either of them”
Man thinks thanks for the mystery Stirling who has saved his wife and son
Cut to image of Stirling’s body lying in a pool of blood in the alley


The third of three sons
Middle name Stirling after his saviour

Father grew up in Denning was a mechanic apprentice and in “the Black Hoods” a street racing gang
Father left gang when he met wife and when he finished apprenticeship they got married and bought a house in a nice suburb
Sent broke by hospital expenses due to my birth, family move back to denning and moves into grandmother’s (father’s mother) place
Father re-joins Black Hoods, does work on cars for extra cash
4 years old – Father is killed in a street racing accident, Mother gets a job at a supermarket to help cover costs
10 years old – Mother is accidentally killed by some muggers in a carpark as she is leaving work, grandmother takes care of the children, all three of us stop going to school, oldest boy starts doing stuff with Black Hoods
14 years old – oldest brother is beaten by some X Warriors (the Black Hoods rival gang) and left to bleed to death in an alley, other brother and I join Black Hoods to get vengeance
15 years old – brother and I are chasing down some X Warriors when we are ambushed and beaten to death in an alley, our bodies left buried under garbage. however I don’t die. A week later I get back up and feel connected to the city
Spend the next few months in hiding as I discover my superpowers
16 years old – got a job doing physical menial work at the local theatre house, and use the money to pay for martial arts training at nearby dojo (Steve’s)
18 years old – start catching lone muggers and other criminals who are clearly alone to help protect the city
19 years old – now

The Black Ghost

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