Bramble is of native American heritage and still holds strong ties to her land and people. She joined the army to make a difference and her considerable wilderness skills soon saw her being groomed for the Army Rangers, then she got recruited into Project Mind Shadow instead.

Initially, she seemed to be a model test subject. She demonstrated limited mental abilities, but could easily project the emotion of fear into other people’s minds. Her strong resistance to outside mental influence was as strong as Thorn’s ability. But, after she was deployed to Stirling City for field testing she soon began developing paranoid tendencies. She soon dropped all contact with the military and used her skills to disappear into the city.

Several times Thorn tried to get throgh to Bramble, but her mind was slipping further and further away from reality, until eventually she took hostages and was brought down by the Stirling Heroes. Once captured she was spirited away to Dr Parnethakera for study.

At the time it had been assumed that Bramble had developed psychoses because she had stopped her enzyme treatment,must it is now believed that Dr Parnethakera may have introduced the paranoia into her mind to see what effect it might have on her burgeoning psychic abilities.

With the death of Dr Parnethakera and the large investigation into Project Mind Shadow, Bramble has managed to disappear again. She was last seen in the company of Deadeye and The Sleeper (who are both survivors of the alpha wave of Project Mind Shadow test subjects).


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