Burnished Dawn

A shining individual with a heart of gold & the power of the sun


Alyssa Allbright
27yrs old female – Former tourism worker.
5’9, Auburn/Brunette hair, shining golden eyes.
Costume colours are warm metallic yellows, oranges and reds. Very practical style carried over from her backpacking days.
She has a warm and giving personality, quite selfless and kind. She can be a little flirty, but in an entirely friendly way.
Knowing that she is not particular strong or tough, she is none the less brave and will “jump in” to dangerous situations to help someone in need.

While doing a stint of work around the Philippines, Aly was out sailing and got hit by a rogue wave, capsizing her boat and knocking her out cold. She awoke washed up on a beach of a very small deserted island; lost, hungry and alone yet seemingly unhurt. Not the strongest swimmer, and with little shade and seemingly no food, things looked grim for Aly.
As she lay back, looking out for help, almost resigned to her end, a figure strode out of the glistening light. Seemingly panther-like at first but then humanoid, composed of nought but light. It spoke of Aly’s time not being up, and a power within awakened. It then presented her with a shining golden shield as light as a feather, the “Eye of Bast” before flaring brightly then fading away. As it did, beyond, Aly could now see a ship on the horizon.
Standing shakily, she waived her arm to get it’s attention, a futile gesture if not for the waves of sunlight now beaming from her by the movement! Opening and closing her hand, a Morse code of light, and she was soon saved by sailors, though quickly discovering her change through their exclamations, her eyes now glowed warmly like the sun.

Alyssa has had a few months to get a little more bearing on her new life. Finding she has the ability of light control and a connection healing light, as well as slowly unlocking the powers of her divine gift. Putting it all toward the use of good, she is looking for a team of like-minded individuals, trying to help those around them. She has arrived now in Stirling City, home of her Aunt Brigid and niece and nephew, staying with them until she can find a way to balance her ‘superhero’ path with day-to-day living.

Burnished Dawn

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