Captain Awesome

The demi-god of rock and roll!


In a no-name jazz dive in Harlem on a bitter cold night, as a now famous musician hums out the riff to one of the world’s first rock songs, a small cry is heard. There, tucked in beside a jukebox, lays a small boy only a few hours old, wrapped in a pure white wolf pelt. The musician picks up the crying bundle, rocking it to try and calm the lad, as the dozen occupants of the club gather around curious and confused. The boy keeps crying until the musician hums the tune again, falling silent immediately.

Taking him to the county hospital, they put him in for adoption, filling in the name ‘James Record’ for the musician that soothed him and the place he was found. The nurses all gathered round, gazing in wide wonder. The Head Nurse took him in, telling right away this lad was special, and falling for him in a heartbeat. Though she altered the name on the form, opting for Recard, and thus Jimmy’s life began.

Raised well on strong values of caring and compassion for all, he none the less has a strong sense of self, imparted by his adopted mother & the close knit community he grew up in.
Fascinated by the musical arts, he excelled in all instruments but his heart was forever drawn to the guitar. Making a name for himself in the local haunts even as a child, he entered into state level competitions under the name “Jack Storm”, shattering the competition and shortly became a household name after teaming up with a group of other entrants and forming the band “Serene Force”. He learnt and toured with the best; Hendrix, Clapton, Van Halen, the list goes on…

His adopted mother passed when he was 28, so she never knew the truth and strangeness that was to come for James. He never aged a day since that moment, immortal and ageless from his divine heritage, he nonetheless didn’t actually notice this for almost 10 years, his life immersed in the endless touring and partying.

In 1982, while flying to England for their first solo world tour, the band’s private plane was struck by lightning, the flash instantly killing all but 3 of the plane’s occupants: James (aka Jack); his drummer, Ray; and the bass player’s 3 year old daughter, Beth. James’ body caught the brunt of the energy’s brutal power, seemingly absorbing it, saving the two lives behind him. Ray, passed out through the entire ordeal, never saw a thing but Beth saw it all. The bolt striking, the momentary flash of someone else in his place; a tall blonde & tan Nordic looking man.

And in that fraction of a second, father spoke to son, and James knew his heritage in full.
Running to the cockpit, he took control and landed the plane safely, waiving off any claims of heroics when the papers hounded him for the story, calling it simply luck.

Knowing now his immortal condition, and his need to be ‘reborn’ to keep his identity secret, he took the event as a sign and staged a fiery airplane accident. The pilot was ‘miraculously blown free’ while no trace could be found of Jack in the inferno.

Serene Force disbanded, over time were mostly forgotten as new talent rose to take their place. One girl though could not forget…

James learnt to control and summon his true form, using his powers to help and aid those in need. The first documented sighting was while saving the occupants of a stadium arena under bomb threat. Tabloids quickly latched on to “Captain Awesome” after his grabbing of the microphone and seemingly calming a multitude of people at once, preventing a stampeding riot, with only the words “C’mon, be awesome people, the sitch is bogus but you’ll be off this boat in no time!” He then leapt from the stage, clearing the moshpit with ease and disarming the bomb hidden under the lighting console in moments.

The Captain worked mostly solo in the UK, turning up all over the country (unknown they were in close proximity to the gigs of rising glam rocker ‘Robert Wills’, James’ new identity), though he worked alongside a number of heroes against more powerful villains over years that passed. ‘Robert’ eventually travelled to the states to expand his image but he too tragically died in a boating accident and was never found.

2006, now “J.R.” is a small time rocker of grunge roots in Stirling City, building quite a fanbase with his group “Sabrecraft” recording, touring the states and considering overseas. While the Captain has been a frequent sight in the streets of Stirling City.

The band is approached by new management from the label, Beth Bonham, one who has been hunting talent in town since her recent move to the States. Beth recognises the face instantly but hides it well. JR feels the familiarity but can’t place it. The band considers the offer and leave but not before Beth asks for quiet word with JR. She confronts him, saying she knows who he really is, both Jack and Awesome. He denies until she gives her own identity, of her search and pledge to help him for saving her life. And in that moment he knows he’s found one he can trust his secret with.

Beth signs the band and works both roles. As manager for the band and a ‘lifestyle coordinator’ for JR, creating a perfect image that keeps his secret safe, juggling the occasional blown show or interview when Awesome is needed, far better than James could ever do alone.

Over the years, Beth & James’ relationship has become flirtatious but ever professional. There is great love between the two but is kept purely platonic.

Captain Awesome

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