Silver Streak (Francis Fabien)

Hero Detective


Detective Francis Fabien was a well-liked member of the Stirling City Police Department, until one of his cases uncovered a hive of police corruption. Those involved soon realised that he was on to them and they engineered some incriminating evidence against the detective. With nowhere to turn, Francis Fabien was forced out of the force in disgrace and would have moved to another city, if he hadn’t been offered the position of Chief Investigator for Tennel Enterprises. In his new role he has plenty of spare time in which to fight corruption and crime across the city.

With the backing of Night-Ward and Tennel Enterprises, Fabien was able to set up the Stirling City Irregulars. This was an attempt to give the misguided a second chance and to make a difference in the city where they all lived. Early success stories, such as Tomorrow Girl and The Colt have given the detective great hope for the future.

While on a mission with the Stirling City Irregulars, Francis Fabien was exposed to a silvery substance that bonded to his skin and gave him the power of super speed (and some other things as well). With the blessing of Scarlet Streak, he then took to calling himself Silver Streak in honour of the first hero to bear that name.

Silver Streak (Francis Fabien)

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