An alien orphan stranded on Earth. Hungry for justice, belonging & anything on the menu.


Str 20/30(Effective 45), Dex 14, Con 24, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Attack 3, Melee 8, Ranged 3.
Base Defense 0, Dodge 8, Flat 0
Saves: F 7/12 R 3 W 3/8 T 10
Skills: Intimidate +10, Notice +7
Feats: Attack Focus (Melee) 5, Contacts, Equipment, Grappling Finesse, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Grab, Improved Pin, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Rage 6, Dodge Focus 9, Chokehold, Move-By Action, Diehard.
Powers: Growth, Additional Limb, Immunity, Super-Strength, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Speed, Protection, Environmental Control, Damage, Drain, Dazzle, Fatigue, Create Object, Heal, Trip, Leaping, Super-Senses, Super-Movement, Matter-Eater.

Uncas, standing at a hulking 8’3 and at 1,000lbs is a formidable sight. A slightly hunched forward physique, giving the impression of a predator poised for action, though he has a wide and expressive face on a snout somewhat reminiscent of a stunted Hippopotamus. Two incisors protruding upward from his lower jaw, within is two rows of teeth, one jagged, the other broad molars. Two long ears hang from the upper part of the skull, usually hanging loose though capable of independent movement. A pair of stunted horns sits just behind these.

Capable of eating anything for sustenance, the combination of a mouth & stomach can deal with almost any material. Jaws able to opening 85 degrees to take in plenty and a stomach content able to immolate with intense cold.

The entire body is thick set muscle, covered with a thick silver-white coat of medium-length coarse ‘hair’. These are actually each a miniature limb, working without direct thought but in a complex combination that allows the species to control and manipulate the cold based body, providing both a protective layer as well as a way to insulate and manipulate its surrounding environment.

The hands are also very unusual. Three large broad claws make up the easily visible part of the hand but on closer inspection, three smaller fingers are set counterpoint across the palm, allowing fine manipulation.

Lastly, a thick fur coated prehensile tail, of similar length to the arms, provides additional balance, acting often like a third leg, and able to wrap around targets while grappling.


A craft arrived into Earth’s orbit in early 1997; repeating a pre-recorded message in a dozen Earth dialects, “This last survivor, no more come. Keep and reward” were the English words. Academics within the small circle who knew about this event still debate on it’s meaning to the present day.

Having been picked up by an American space vessel, the capsule holding Uncas has been in possession by various American-based groups guarding his ‘well-being’ over the 10 years while he slept within an impenetrable mechanical cocoon. Upon emerging, he flew into a violent panic, fighting his way out of and escaping the base before being subdued in the forest some 20 miles away. He was caught on camera by civilians and kept alive many Bigfoot documentations in this short foray.

Finally awoken again, this time restrained, he calmed after a time and they found him with a deep understanding of English, having been imprinted with the language by his craft while in holding. After calmly giving his name, Uncas, and explaining that he was the last of his kind, though how he knew this, he wasn’t sure. As they in turn tried to explain where he was and how he was found, he succumbed to a deep depression with bouts of occasional rage, left to a world he thought he did not fit in. The pod had overridden his memories, only a vague sense of self and odd flashes of the past, like a permanent amnesia, are with him now.

Keen to study him but wary, they kept a close watch and containment on Uncas. He has no understanding of written word, only vocal and body language, some theorising his species communicated with scent. After several experts were brought into consult; both scientific and superhero, Uncas’ mood improved, as he discovered not all were similar here, that he may find a place for himself amidst the more unusual of Earth’s inhabitants.

Assigned to Earth Front in 2010, he has slowly been acclimatised to the human world, and is now comfortable within society, though still wary of prejudice of his form and origins. The team codenamed him “Frostbite” which he took to well, though closer friends within the squad call him “Furball.” He’s learnt to keep his rage contained, releasing it as necessary, though he is still prone to occasional outburst at the wrong trigger.

Now assigned to monitor the Stirling Heroes (particularly HuBot) after the Merton incident, he finds himself again part outsider, a group well established though still quite chaotic in it’s mix of vastly different personalities. The irony that one with once suffered from issues of uncontrollable behaviour, is now the one trying to keep this group in line, is not lost on him…


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