Vengeful cowboy ghost


Quickdraw led a band of cannibal outlaws in the nineteenth century. They were living as they pleased, taking what they wanted and generally doing all right.

Then the time lost Stirling Heroes showed up and brought his gang to justice. Each and every member of the gang was hanged within a week. But death didn’t hold Quickdraw for long.

Through the long years he wandered, yearning for vengeance against those who brought about the end of his mortal life and fearing that this justice would forever be beyond him. But then, over a century later, he caught wind of a group of heroes who matched the description of the freaks who had defeated him and his men and, sure enough, when he travelled to Stirling City he found that it was them.

Now he aims to take his vengeance on those that done him wrong, one way or another.


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