The Arc-Angel

A scientist who developed electrical powers after a traumatic lab accident.


Born: 23 Aug 1982
Full Name: Aleksandar Gabriel Tron
Known As: Dr Alek Tron

Parents: Father – Dr Ewell Tron (17 Mar 1956 – 23 Aug 1997); Mother – Dr Thea Tron (26 Oct 1957 – 23 Aug 1997)
Siblings: Sister – Ange Tron (born 7 Sep 1991)



Alek grew up as a largely solitary child, his parents always busy with their company, Tron Laboratories, which was a very successful biochemical technology firm. This success made his family quite wealthy and he was sent to the best schools and was always spoilt when his parents spent time with him. The arrival of his much younger sister Ange was a very exciting time in his life as extra staff were around regularly to care for her, and Alek spent as much time playing with Ange has he could.

However, Alek’s life was dramatically changed when on the day of his 15th Birthday, both his parents were killed in a tragic laboratory accident. Having organised a large celebration for Alek that evening, his parent’s were rushing to get an experiment started before they left the labs. Unfortunately they made a mistake in their haste which led to the catastrophic failure of some critical machinery and the building they were in was vaporized by a powerful explosion, killing them both instantly.

Following the accident, Alek and Ange inherited ownership of Tron Laboratories, however due to their young age the management of the labs was taken over by the company’s Board of Directors. Dr Markus Phillips, a trusted colleague of the Drs Tron, became the CEO of the lab itself, leaving Alek and Ange to continue their education.

In his parent’s memory, Alek went on to study medicine at University. In 2003 (when Alek turned 21) he was granted a seat on the company’s Board of Directors but didn’t make any use of this until he graduated in 2006.

In 2005, Dr Phillips had been replaced as CEO of Tron Laboratories by Dr Simon Trevallin a respected robotics and cybernetics engineer.

Following his graduation he requested a research position at Tron Laboratories and was granted a role in the Mitochondrion Research Group. Maggie Ryan, his father’s old secretary who still worked at the Labs, was even made his PA.

Alek thrived in his role at Tron Laboratories and quickly made many interesting discoveries. But working back late one night, Alek was preparing a range of mutated cells for experimentation when he slipped, somehow pulling the trays of prepared cells off the table onto him. Instantly the cells attacked him and his body ignited as electricity coursed through him. As his body came apart on a cellular level, Alek passed out. He awoke days later in his bed at home.

The accident caused much damage to Tron laboratories and destroyed most of Alek’s research. Dr Trevallin suspected Alek of being careless in his practices and hasn’t made him sole head researcher on any project since (despite Alek’s previously spotless record).

Buying out an abandoned warehouse and dock complex that belonged to Tron Laboratories, Alek set up a private lab and began testing himself to see what had happened. He soon discovered that his body could produce vast amounts of electricity, seemingly from nowhere. He also learnt to sheath himself in a force field of electricity that could stop even a bullet and that he could fly and even teleport himself through conductive materials. And Alek came to the decision that he had been gifted these powers to help the citizens of Stirling City.

And thus The Arc-Angel was born. Alek crafted a superhero image from pure electricity and his appearance was striking. Shaped like a mythological angel with wings of electricity arcing from his back, a sword of energy wielded in his hands, and a body of crackling power, he took the role and image of an avenging angel. And he took to the streets to fight against those who would be criminal within his beloved Stirling City.

In his brief heroic career so far, The Arc-Angel has met the Scarlet Streak and Water Sprite. He was also been approached by the Meta Response Corps (MRC) with an offer of membership, but this was prior to the cybernetic hero Warmonger going rogue, leaving the MRC under close international scrutiny.

The Arc-Angel

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