The Linebacker

A 1950s quarterback who got hit by a meteorite infused with cosmic energy and was then sucked through time to the modern day.



It’s September 2, 1955. The nineteen year old Nick “Knuckles” Norris is a star linebacker for the Stirling City Pelicans.

The night game has been long and tough against the Wrightown Vipers and there is less than a minute on the clock with scores tied. The home crowd roars, slurring the opposition “Wrightown’s goin’ down!! Wrightown’s goin’ down!!” and “Wrightown Worms, watch them squirm!!”

The coach gathers his team to give the final play. Nick is entrusted to takedown his opponent swiftly and catch the true pass after the Quarterback’s feint.

They break and take their positions, Nick eyeing off his opponent, determined to prove his worth and win the match.

His feet dig firmly into the grass, ready for a lightning fast start. The whistle blows and Nick’s opponent is knocked flying, never knowing what hit him as Nick races past.

He turns briefly, seeing the feint, then racing the remaining distance to his mark. He looks back and up, seeing the round silhouette through the blinding lights. He crowd screams louder, many on their feet, but its not the ball and many are turned from the field.

The freezer-sized meteorite collides with Nick, arms still open for the catch. The ground explodes as the two hit and are buried in the earth and hot explosive debris rains across the stadium…
When they go to find him there is next to no trace. His charred helmet and half a shoe are all that are found… on the stadium roof.

Excavations prove futile, only fragments of the meteorite are found, and its assumed Nick was vaporised in the impact.

His portrait hangs in memorial in the clubroom and his tale is passed to each new recruit. It hangs in many bars across the city, usually next to James Dean (who passed shortly after), the two so close in resemblance and both taken too soon.

The Linebacker

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