The Major


Almost indestructible body. Superhuman strength. Incredibly advanced artificial intelligence, which helps give him his super-genius level intellect. Various embedded weapons systems (including his deadly eye lasers). Uncounted resources accumulated during several decades of planning. Numerous villainous allies.

Cunning, cruel, immortal mastermind with one goal to accomplish and almost limitless resources.


An advanced military prototype android, designed to hunt down and destroy rogue super-powered individuals. Although he seemed to initially be everything the US Army was looking for he soon went rogue (or perhaps his programming was suspect from the beginning) and dropped out of sight. Some time later he led a group of “super-villains” (called “The Anti-League”) in an attack against The League of Heroes. This attack left several heroes dead or seriously injured ad resulted in The Torch and Strong-Man retreating from public life for decades. However, The Major realised that he was now a target for the beings he was now trying to eradicate, so he left the villainous group he had formed (before Electron figured out he could now fly and became a villain himself and began hunting down those who had crippled him) and went into hiding.

During the next several decades The Major has kept upgrading himself and researching and planning and, now that he has finally resurfaced, it can only mean bad things for the members of The Heroes’ League.

The Major

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