Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #66
Message Delivered

Having defeated the Sand Warriors, the Stirling Heroes were unsure as to whether they had found all of the missing children. They had received no official count of those missing and the children themselves were too upset to help with out (and all of the Legion bodies were quickly dissolving into dust, so they couldn’t help either). So Frostbite went back to tracking the bus trail (as it lead somewhere else after leaving the warehouse), while HuBot told Detective McLardy (who was still at Felldale Elementary) where to find the children they had rescued so far. The detective told HuBot that they have received a report of a hostage situation don at the Southbay Arena.

Returning to the fishy warehouse, HuBot told Thorn and Agent Gibbs (and a hung over Shadow Stalker, who Thorn had finally been able to contact) where they were headed next. After the emergency services had shown up (with news crews, who were very interested in talking to HuBot and Agent Gibbs) the heroes quickly teleported down to Southbay Arena (and Shadow Stalker went and located Frostbite, who was still tracking the bus trail), where a SWAT team was only just assembling.

The heroes quickly found the missing school busses at the arena (they were parked right next to it) and (after HuBot had checked with his chainsaw to ensure that they were empty) the heroes moved on and into the arena (except for Agent Gibbs, who had been distracted by a nearby sports bar). While Shadow Stalker used his ESP to scout the stadium’s playing area (and then used his teleportation to take care of any guards he found there), HuBot (and Flicker), Frostbite and Thorn all proceeded inside where they encountered armed resistance from several more groups of Legion duplicates. They couldn’t find any sign of children though. Then, as the SWAT team moved in to make sure the heroes hadn’t missed anything (which they hadn’t), one of the police officers passed on the news that the Chief of Staff of the United States Army had just been assassinated, near Stirling Park!

Shadow Stalker immediately teleported the Stirling Heroes to the scene, where they were able to gather that another member of the Sand Warriors, Death Scarab, had managed to attack the official and kill him before disappearing into the park. Frostbite swiftly picked up the villain’s trail and within moments they had cornered Death Scarab where he stood in a child’s sand pit. The heroes attacked with a vengeance, but he was no easy target and chances are he could have evaded them for some time. Shadow Stalker tried softening him up a little by dropping him from 1000 feet, but the villain was able to angle himself to hit Frostbite as he came back down. Then Frostbite managed to grab Death Scarab and his fate was sealed. As the villain continued to struggle (in vain, caught as he was within the massive alien’s arms) Sand Scorpion and Nisr raml suddenly appeared in the sand pit. After a brief extra struggle, these two new villains could see that the day was lost and so vanished again in short order.

Stirling Heroes #65
Sand Warriors

Frostbite is alerted by Freedom Fighter that there has been a reported sighting of members of the Sand Warriors in Stirling City. Usually all of Earth Front would descend on this, but events on the west coast are keeping the rest of the team occupied at present. Frostbite proceeds to check the local police broadcasts and, having found a relevant APB, leads the Stirling Heroes to Felldale Elementary where two busloads of kids have been kidnapped by persons matching the description of Sand Warriors.

Arriving at Felldale Elementary, Frostbite is able to pick up the scent of the missing busses and begins following them across town. His powerful nose is able to follow the two busses clear across the city, through traffic and is even able to notice when he comes to a point when the tracks double back on themselves and split off. He continues following the original trail (hoping he isn’t wasting time) and he eventually leads the Stirling Heroes to a warehouse that smells strongly (almost overwhelmingly to his sensitive nose) of fish.

Agent Gibbs spots someone who could be a Sand Warrior through a window (but he isn’t too good at identifying different types of humans) and goes to investigate. He can tell that there’s a whole heap of people inside holding guns, but he ducks out of sight before they do anything precipitous like shoot at him. Flicker is able to confirm that there are Sand Warriors in the warehouse, and he is also able to locate the missing children. He mentions in passing that all of the Sand Warriors look exactly the same (which Frostbite realises is because they are the duplicating villain Legion). The heroes storm the warehouse and engage the terrorists. Agent Gibbs focuses on securing the children while Frostbite, HuBot and Thorn keep the terrorists attention focused on them. After a vicious firefight, in which Frostbite would surely have fallen if not for HuBot’s new healing shot mode, the Sand Warriors were defeated and the children were freed.

Thorn #8

Thorn is stuck trying to decide whether or not to join the new army unit that she has been offered a position in. Her distrust in the army is warring with her sense of duty and patriotism. To try and get another perspective on her current situation, she arranges to meet with Bernadette Foster, her former handler.

On the way to meet up with Bernadette Foster, Thorn is intercepted by Misty, the new secretive CEO of Super Security, who proceeds to offer her two jobs: one is working for Misty at Super Security; the other is working for an unknown group, doing something dangerous. Misty also informed Thorn that is she wants to know more about the second job, she is to pin a red card to a notice board in O’Harrigan’s Bar. Misty then takes a few steps away before vanishing into thin air.

Thorn then makes her meeting with Bernadette Foster who says she is content with the new unit, but she can’t reveal any real details about it due to its classified nature. She can say that it had a whole different agenda than Project Mind Shadow, there will be no creating super heroes with this new unit. She also mentions that half of the remaining members of Project Mind Shadow have signed on with the new unit so far.

After this meeting, Thorn then goes to O’Harrigan’s and places a red card on the notice board. She tries scanning a few minds to figure out who might be watching her to pass on information, then a English man introduces himself as The Legs and tells her to follow him to learn more. He leads her to a limo and she gets in to the back seat while he goes around the front to drive. Sitting in the in the back is an older woman who agrees to be referred to as “The Head”.

“The Head” gives Thorn few extra details. She offers Thorn a job of excitement and adventure, travelling the world and protecting the innocent. She won’t tell Thorn who she is exactly, nor who she works for (nor give any exact details of what the job would entail) and her mind is shielded from Thorn’s attempts to probe further. She asks Thorn to consider her offer and then lets Thorn out… On the roof of the hanger at The Arc-Angel’s secret base.

Thorn then watches as the limo slowly takes off into the air before vanishing.

Stirling Heroes #64
Sandy: Epilogue

(While Thorn, Frostbite, Shadow Stalker and HuBot are on SkyEye …) After several days of intense research, The Arc-Angel has come to the disquieting realization that he can’t do anything to aid Ange Tron. From the way the tests are turning out, he has determined that the result of her transformation is magical in nature, but beyond that he has made no headway and he knows he has no experience with working with magic. Luckily he was saved from having to figure out what to do with his sister by Agent Gibbs presenting him with a pair of power nullifying handcuffs (the ones that had been used to nullify the gibbon’s powers in the previous issue). After testing out the usefulness of the handcuffs (and yes, they nullified his powers), The Arc-Angel asked Agent Gibbs (who had gone to the kitchen for a fruit laden snack) to remove them. Agent Gibbs, of course, then explained that there were no keys and so they had to wait until Shadow Stalker returned to get free. While The Arc-Angel then went off to walk around the base, muttering most likely, Agent Gibbs explored the wondrous fruit drinks that Shadow Stalker had stocked the fridge with. By the time the other heroes had returned to base and The Arc-Angel was free of the handcuffs, Agent Gibbs was well and truly drunk (and loving it).

It then took very little convincing from The Arc-Angel to get Ange Tron to wear the power nullifying handcuffs (both on one leg, in such a way so that they were far less noticeable), and then Shadow Stalker took the young woman home.

That afternoon, HuBot received a call back from Francis Fabien. The detective was happy to say that he did have a job opportunity for Sveln and Njordos. HuBot (and the two ice giants) were quite pleased to hear this. But, in the process of arranging with Shadow Stalker to help transport the ice giants to Francis Fabien, The Arc-Angel finally became aware of HuBot’s secret base! Obviously The Arc-Angel wasn’t happy to find out that HuBot had hacked a hole in one of the base’s walls and had commandeered one of the base’s turrets, but he was less pleased with HuBot’s “pets” (Sveln and Njordos). Since a new home had already been found for the two giants, The Arc-Angel let HuBot off with a warning. (It’s probably a good thing The Arc-Angel didn’t find out about HuBot’s own base’s external exit…)

The following day HuBot, Shadow Stalker, Sveln and Njordos and arrived at the Tennel Enterprises building to meet with Francis Fabien. They were shown to a large service elevator, which took them down to the recently refurbished Tennel Enterprises basement. Here they were met by Francis Fabien who was eager to have Sveln and Njordos join a new group he is creating; a group designed to give people a second chance, while taking their exceptional powers and abilities into consideration. Francis Fabien made sure to point The Colt out to the heroes, as the young thief was also going to be a member of his new team. As the two giants were happy enough to go with the detective, HuBot decided it was a good time to go on patrol.

In the days following, emergency services continued to restore power to Stirling City. They pumped the water from the subway and cleared away the rubble caused by the Ice Giant attack (and maybe a little caused by HuBot). Almost a week after the attack, Mayor Shelton held a memorial service for all the brave heroes (police, emergency services, soldiers, MRC as well as the caped variety) who fought for the safety of citizens of Stirling City. At the Heroes’ Monument there is a solemn ceremony led by Scarlet Streak, where he unveils the Honour Roll to reveal the addition of Night Target to the list.

Following this memorial, there was another memorial at the hastily repaired Heroes’ Hall in New York. Here, The Eagle led a service of remembrance for Toxic Fumes, who (when he was called Smokey) had been the kid-sidekick of The Torch, and who had been in turn mentoring his own side-kick The Brand. Those two heroes in particular were still taking the loss of Toxic Fumes very hard (The Brand wasn’t even wearing her costume, just normal street clothes and a domino mask over her eyes). Afterwards, The Eagle then explained to those heroes present that despite the large range of “gimmick weapons” that the Heroes’ League had kept in their armoury (all of which had been decommissioned years earlier), the only thing that The Major had stolen was an alien artefact known as The Atomic Sword.

The Atomic Sword had been recovered from the engine of an alien battleship that had been invading earth’s solar system a year or so earlier. The sword had been the power source for the entire battleship. Up until now, the Heroes’ League had been unwilling to examine the sword too closely without figuring out some proper safeguards to put in place (as it was clearly a powerful and dangerous item). The Eagle promised those assembled that he would be personally looking into where The Major had gone to ground. In passing he also mentioned that aside from the Heroes’ League, only a few select members of the MRC had even known of the existence of The Atomic Sword

Stirling Heroes #63
Sandy: Aftermath

Following the saddening news at the end of the debriefing from Strong-Man (as Flicker was persuading HuBot to get away from the other heroes before he said something insensitive where they could hear him), Thorn was approached by Lieutenant Champion of the US Army (as well as a number of non-descript soldiers). It came as no surprise to Thorn when Lt. Champion asked, or demanded, that she turn herself over to him. While mentally contacting Shadow Stalker for back-up, Thorn refused to go quietly and prepared for combat.

With an expertly rolled jeep tyre, Shadow Stalker was able to knock down Lt. Champion, briefly distracting all of the soldiers standing with him and giving the teleporter a chance to whisk Thorn away to safety. But he hadn’t realised that Lt. Champion was being covered by more than half a dozen snipers who immediately began shooting the two heroes full of sleep darts.

Reacting quickly, HuBot got to Thorn’s side as Lt. Champion regained his feet, but was then ordered by the officer to grab Thorn (which he’d already done) and follow. Luckily Frostbite then showed up and told HuBot to get Thorn to safety. Faced with conflicting orders, HuBot did the only sensible thing: he jumped onto his rocket-gun and roared away to the secret base.

While Frostbite quickly captured Lt. Champion, Agent Gibbs had begun stumbling across concealed snipers and was soon making short work of the soldiers hidden amidst the rooftops. However, neither Frostbite nor Agent Gibbs were able to prevent Shadow Stalker (who had been knocked out by the sleep darts) from being hand-cuffed and dragged away.

Frostbite began tearing away down the street with soldiers chasing him, carrying the complaining Lt. Champion under one arm. He managed to lead the soldiers away from where he’d last seen HuBot (not that HuBot was there any more) and then was able to lose them completely before making his own way to the secret base.

Agent Gibbs, having taken out a few snipers eventually fell afoul of a sleep dart himself, but managed to regain his senses only moments after he’d been hand-cuffed. With the element of surprise, Agent Gibbs shrugged out of the soldier’s arms and leapt to freedom… or would have if his powers weren’t being nullified by the handcuffs. Luckily the fall from the rooftop didn’t hurt Agent Gibbs too badly and he was able to limp away (still hand-cuffed) before the soldier had followed him down from the roof.

Shadow Stalker eventually revived to find himself handcuffed and under guard. With a little effort he was able to teleport himself free of his bonds (overpowering the nullifying properties of the restraints). Before heading to safety he also managed to pick up Agent Gibbs and help the other hero escape from the unknown streets.

Back at the base, HuBot has been talking to The Arc-Angel, filling him in on what had been going on for the last few days (The Arc-Angel had been pretty pre-occupied with his sister). When Frostbite arrived with Lt. Champion, The Arc-Angel revived the soldier, who then explained again that he only wanted to bring Thorn in for a peaceful discussion. Thorn still doesn’t trust him.

After discussing the situation with Thorn, The Arc-Angel and Shadow Stalker teleport Lt. Champion back to Fort Claybourne, where they are able to speak to General Douglas (the base’s commander). He is plainly unhappy with how everything has transpired, but is unwilling to discuss any details with either The Arc-Angel or Shadow Stalker due to them not having clearance. Eventually they are able to arrange a meeting between the US Army and Thorn (being mediated by the MRC, whom Thorn would trust to be impartial), to be held on-board the MRC’s Sky-Eye.

Several days later, the Stirling Heroes teleport up to Sky-Eye and Thorn and HuBot are allowed into the meeting room (the others were denied access to the classified nature of the talks). Shadow Stalker, of course, immediately began spying on the meeting using his ESP.

The US Army representatives (who were three generals that Thorn had never met before, as well as Lt. Champion) explained to Thorn that although they had initially wanted to arrest her for the damage she’d done to The Bunker, they had now uncovered the depth of Dr Parnethakera’s plan (it turned out that Thorn and Bramble had only gone crazy because of the continued doses of enzyme, which had been altered by Dr Parnethakera to induce psychosis). All charges against Thorn were to be dropped and she was being given the option of either: a) honourable discharge, or b) redeployment to a new unit that had been put together to replace Project Mind Shadow.

Thorn asked for time to think about it and asked to speak to Captain Bernadette Foster (her handler). The army agreed to give her one week…

HuBot #5
Sandy: Against the Giants

Having been frozen in place by The Snowman (see Stirling Heroes #61), HuBot found himself unable to react when Ice Giants began exploring the subway station. This may have been bad enough, but then they broke his hand off while separating him from his multi-gun (well, the hand grew back, but that’s his multi-gun) and, believing him to be a statue, they then took him off through a magic portal to a land of snow. They were treating him as some sort of trophy.

Eventually he managed to crack through the icy shell keeping him immobile, but then HuBot needed to escape from this Ice Giant who was watching hundreds of other Ice Giants walk through a shimmering magical portal. Luckily the giant was slow and so HuBot was able to walk away from him comfortably and began looking for his multi-gun.

Flicker, of course, was being particularly unhelpful while this was going on.

HuBot soon found a pile of broken crap (light, a petrol generator, a rubbish bin, etc.) being guarded by two giants who thought he was a Goblin. Fair enough. When he tried looking through the crap pile, however, one of the giants grabbed him (they were pretty strong) and then took him off to where the Goblins were supposed to be waiting. The Goblins didn’t think he was a Goblin, but they thought it was all great fun and so they gave him some nice furry armour and a pretty cool battleaxe. Nice people.

Armed and armoured, HuBot returned to the junk pile (which was, the Goblins assured him, where giants kept loot) to look for his multi-gun once more. The Ice Giant guards still didn’t like this, but he was able to evade them this time (they were so slow) and, using the power of axe, he was able to reveal his multi-gun (and hand) hidden within the pile of junk!

Armed properly once more, HuBot (with Flicker continuing to offer helpful observations) kept evading his growing number of Ice Giant pursuers while he liberally scattered the marching column of giants with grenades. Then, with mere seconds to spare, he used his rocket jump to leap above the reaching, axe-swinging giants and swoop through the portal… just before the entire hillside exploded (and it really exploded) and the portal snapped shut.

HuBot then discovered that there were a large number of Ice Giants in the subway station and someone had blocked the exits with cars. Weird. Luckily the giants were ignoring him, thinking he was a Goblin, so he was able to start chopping into the cars with his chainsaw without them getting in the way. Of course, when they saw what he was up to they even began helping him (now assuming that he was a helpful Goblin clearing the path for them). Once again HuBot put down a ground covering of grenades before escaping the subway, which (as one would imagine) was soon reduced to a smoking crater.

While most of the Ice Giants were now either trapped in the subway or blown up in the subway, two had managed to clamber free of the blast. Briefly the two giant warriors faced HuBot, who demanded that they surrender. They looked at each other and then surrendered. (At which point Flicker complimented him on gaining a new achievement – “Captured Captives”.)

HuBot, with his two Ice Giants (who were called Sveln and Njordos), was eventually able to rejoin the Stirling Heroes (who had been defending a hospital or something, but they didn’t have any conscious captives).

Stirling Heroes #62
Sandy: Invasion of the Ice Giants

Thorn made her way towards the flickering blue-white light so as to better ascertain what it was, only to find a shimmering portal with Ice Giants stepping through it from somewhere else (probably wherever Ice Giants come from). Seeing this she immediately contacted Professor Atom for his aid in shutting down the portal and then contacted Shadow Stalker for aid in getting out of the dark subway. Up on street level, where Frostbite was using his powers to recover, Thorn set about waiting for Professor Atom…

Meanwhile, a recovered Agent Gibbs had made it to the North Central Subway Station but had (of course) found the Stirling Heroes already gone. A short commlink conversation later and he was soon swinging his way towards the heroes’ new location.

By the time Professor Atom arrived, Shadow Stalker had been force to begin plugging up the entrance to the subway station with nearby cars to prevent the ever increasing number of Ice Giants from getting out. After a brief discussion with Thorn concerning what she saw of the portal (while Shadow Stalker used this time to build up further car barricades to prevent the Ice Giants from just walking up to the next station), Professor Atom determined that they were dealing with a magical portal, something he would have little chance of affecting. So, while Frostbite tried to get in touch with White Lady, Professor Atom put in a call to Water Sprite (via her husband Scarlet Streak). Seconds later when these two heroes arrived, Thorn explained the situation to them and Water Sprite was forced to admit that it sounded like it was beyond her capabilities. Before they could think about contacting anyone else (which would probably have been The Eagle), Scarlet Streak (who had been continuing to help those around the city with his super speed the entire time) alerted everyone to the Ice Giant invasion that had begun. The Ice Giants were suddenly pouring out of five different subway stations (the actions of the Stirling Heroes had meant that it wasn’t six subway stations) and were starting to wreak havoc across the city. Already the MRC was beginning to teleport into the city in great numbers and the entirety of The Heroes’ League had just shown up.

After a brief conference it was decided that the already injured Stirling Heroes should go and join Night Target in protecting the Stirling General Hospital, which was in the path of a group of Ice Giants. Night Target welcomed the addition of more heroes (he had been wondering how he was going to stop fifty or one hundred giants with just his pistols), but no sooner had the Stirling Heroes spread out to prepare for the giants than the previously hidden Hunter (!) shot Night Target in the head!

Without a sound the veteran hero fell to the ground dead.

Leaping into action, the Stirling Heroes attacked Hunter, bringing him to the ground and battering him considerably before Frostbite ended up throwing him at the lead Ice Giant (he missed). And then the Ice Giants were on them. Shadow Stalker used his possession ability to sow confusion and chaos within the ranks of the Ice Giants, while Thorn chose her targets carefully and tried to put down as many as possible. Frostbite, in his typical fashion, charged the enemy head on and many of the Ice Giants met their end that day beneath his slashing icy claws. Agent Gibbs, on the other hand, used his superior agility and accuracy to nimbly move in and out of the Ice Giant line, attacking his targets and then retreating out of range. Despite their best efforts, however, they were only four against nearly overwhelming odds.

As Hunter regained footing, Shadow Stalker possessed a nearby giant and threw the murderous villain once more, this time knocking him unconscious against the side of a building. Despite this momentary surge of hope however they knew their moments were numbered as Frostbite succumbed to a sea of flailing axes. Then the heroes discovered the giant’s leader, Njord, and were able to focus their attacks on him somewhat (unaware that the MRC had landed a block away and were slowly making their way through the remaining Ice Giant troops towards the hospital). Carefully Thorn scampered around, evading the wild attacks of the Njord while trying to land telling blows of her own, until eventually the giant collapsed to the ground and Agent Gibbs, Shadow Stalker and Thorn were able to breathe easier for a time.

With the hospital safe, the Stirling Heroes were finally able to receive medical attention. The MRC secured the unconscious Ice Giants and their leader Njord, as well as Hunter. Within a short amount of time news began reaching the hospital (mainly via the MRC) that the battle was won and the Ice Giants were retreating. Within the hour they all received confirmation of this from Scarlet Streak, as he ran around gathering up all of the various heroes that were scattered around the city for a debriefing.

Strong-Man and Gallant addressed everyone concerning the details of the Ice Giant attack, which had been led by Jack Frost. Jack Frost had been defeated by Strong-Man, which is probably the only reason that the giants had eventually retreated. The assembled heroes took the news of Night Target’s death badly after this, but worse was to come. A battered and bruised Blur (who had been waiting in safety at The Heroes’ League HQ in New York) suddenly arrived. He told of how The Major had led a raid against their HQ; how the veteran hero Toxic Fumes had been killed by the murderous android; and of how the armoury of The Heroes’ League had been raided.

Stirling Heroes #61
Sandy: Beneath the Streets

After recovering from their injuries, the Stirling Heroes resolved to approach the East Central Subway Station from a neighbouring subway station (as per HuBot’s recommendation). Before they headed off (having rested at The Arc-Angel’s base), Agent Gibbs was forced to excuse himself, having discovered that his body was exhausted after his unusual exertions (he’d never left the lab before). HuBot, however, had been able to reboot Flicker and also Shadow Stalker had been able to join them, so their numbers were still (kind of) the same.

Reaching the North Central Subway Station, the heroes immediately realised that the water logged subway lines would be freezing cold. Luckily, Shadow Stalker knew just where to pick up some cold weather gear and wetsuits and so shortly the Stirling Heroes were on their way. As they had feared, the subway tunnels were filled with chilling water, but Thorn and HuBot were able to shrug off the effects with the aid of her “borrowed” clothing. Frostbite (and Flicker), of course, didn’t mind the temperature at all, while Shadow Stalker just followed their progress with his ESP from somewhere comfortable.

Eventually they came to a massive wall of ice blocking the tunnel, so while HuBot began slicing his way through it, Shadow Stalker investigated the other side. Here he found an Ice Giant, which he was easily able to possess with his newfound psychic prowess. Using the Ice Giant’s mighty axe, Shadow Stalker was able to speed things along by hacking away at the ice wall on the opposite side to HuBot. Unfortunately, just as they broke through, the Ice Giant threw off Shadow Stalker’s possession and they were forced to fight the creature, luckily being able to fell him easily.

Further along, they were attacked by a group of Yetis, but apparently their natural invisibility didn’t protect them in the dark tunnels and the heroes (who could all see in the dark fairly well) were able to deal with them quickly.

Continuing on along the iced over subway tunnel, the heroes soon came to a roaring blizzard, somehow being generated within the tunnel itself. Once again Frostbite was able to suppress the blizzard conditions. Ahead they could then make out the subway station itself, covered in a fine covering of snow and being brightly lit by several floodlights (that were being powered by mobile generators). Knowing that there could be Yetis hidden in the well-lit snow, Frostbite and Shadow Stalker headed to take out the generators while HuBot laid down some covering flash-bang grenades. Thorn, meanwhile, was still suffering from wounds suffered earlier and so tried to provide support fire as best she could.

Although it looked like the Stirling Heroes would be able to quickly defeat the Yetis, they couldn’t to counter the sheer savagery that the beasts could summon. Which was nothing compared to the added danger of The Snowman, who lent support to his minions by hampering the heroes’ movement and visibility. Both Frostbite and Shadow Stalker soon found themselves down and almost out, although Shadow Stalker was able to teleport them both to safety. Thorn was able to utilise her healing serum to regain mobility, but was then cruelly injured once more. Lastly, HuBot (and Flicker) were able to chase down The Snowman, who (having run out of minions) was running for safety. Unfortunately, The Snowman proved more than a match for HuBot, leaving the synthetic humanoid trapped in a block of ice while he continued to make his escape.

Below, on the now dark subway station, Thorn continued to hobble her way towards the exit. Then, in the distance, she caught sight of a dim, flickering blue-white light…

Stirling Heroes #60
Sandy: The Snowman

The Stirling Heroes were a little surprised about The Arc-Angel’s decision for a replacement in Agent Gibbs, but they accepted the talking gibbon as one of their own. With Thorn now nominally in charge of the group they wasted little time in heading back out into the city in response to a report of strange formations of ice around Stirling Park (not ice formed by Frostbite).

Shadow Stalker was able to teleport everyone else to the park before he headed off to keep helping people stranded following the storm. The remaining heroes quickly zeroed in on an ice encrusted bank, where they were surprised to find a small group of large, white hairy creatures that bore a passing resemblance to Frostbite (but weren’t in any way related). HuBot could speak to them in a language that they spoke and although they seemed quite civilised they wouldn’t cease they raiding. With no other recourse, the Stirling Heroes forcibly stopped the Yetis (for lack of a better term) from their task (losing Flicker in the process), but soon discovered that even when unconscious the creatures emanated an aura of extreme cold! While Thorn began suffering from the cold, they arranged for Shadow Stalker to move some or all of the Yetis to the base (which lasted as long as it took Shadow Stalker to start getting too cold, and for The Arc-Angel to realise that the cold surrounding the Yetis was permeating the containment cell area).

Luckily, Thorn had already learned that the Yeti’s leader, The Snowman, was lairing at the East Central Subway Station, so they headed straight there. As they got near their destination, they found that the whole area was enveloped in a swirling, frigid snowstorm. With a little effort, Frostbite was able to bend the cold to his will and cause the snow storm to quiet down, allowing the heroes to approach the subway with ease… until Agent Gibbs felt the dozens of Yetis, invisible in the snow, all around them!

With HuBot laying down grenades and the Yetis attacking viciously, things looked both explosive and grim for the Stirling Heroes, but eventually they were able to stand victorious over their opponents. As they stood regrouping, with Thorn and Frostbite somewhat injured, the swirling snowstorm started up once more.

Knowing that they needed to spend some time recovering, Thorn called in the location of the Yetis to the MRC before getting everyone to pull back to safety (or at least warmth). HuBot then suggested that for their next foray they should approach through the subway tunnels.

The Arc-Angel #9
Sandy: Enter Agent Gibbs

With Ange Tron captured and the victim of demonic possession, Alec Tron came to the following conclusion: he couldn’t abandon his family when she needed him. So he knew that while Ange Tron was in trouble, The Arc-Angel couldn’t help Stirling City in its hour of need.

But his weeks of biological experimentation had been for a purpose such as this (not only for fun) and so he brought out one of his creations. When next the Stirling Heroes had gathered at the base, The Arc-Angel explained his decision and introduced everyone to Agent Gibbs!

Agent Gibbs is a sentient gibbon, enhanced by Alec Tron’s experimental (and probably illegal) procedures.


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