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  • Riverside

    [[File:642173 | class=media-item-align-center | Stirling_City_-_Riverside__web_.jpg]] h3. Places in Riverside * [[Knight's Arena]] * [[Meta-Human Research Institute]] --- _Return to [[Stirling City Geography]]._

  • Knight's Arena

    This is the home ground of the Stirling City Knights (an NFL team). This stadium was built in 1961 and renovated in 1993. It replaced [[Rod Gentry Stadium | Knight’s Stadium]], a smaller stadium situated in [[Northshore | Northshore]]. --- _Return to …

  • Meta-Human Research Institute

    The largest, most prestigious branch of the Meta-Human Research Institute is in Stirling City, due largely to the higher number of Meta-Human sightings and events that take place here. h3. People of Note _Dr. Jodie Wainthrop_ – An English scientist …