Alternate Realities

There are many, possibly an infinite number, of alternate realities in this setting. Some are almost identical to the Earth of the main campaign (known simply as Earth) while others are vastly different.

What makes some worlds different from others can be the presence, or complete absence, of magic. For others realities, the presence of actual deities has, of necessity, made these lands vastly different from Earth.

Example Alternate Realities

The following sections provide a few brief examples of some of the known, named and registered Alternate Realities. Most Alternate Realities, aside from those that are particularly strongly magic dominant, have been discovered and registered by Professor Atom. (Registering an Alternate Reality requires that you can accurately record its unique frequency as well as provide it with a unique designation.)

Magic Dominant Worlds

Divine Dominant Worlds

Worlds of Great Similarity

  • Earth-Shadow
  • Earth-Similar: An alternate reality that is broadly almost identical to Earth-Prime, yet varies considerably in details. This alternate reality is home to heroes such as The Monolith, The Blade (an alternate version of Thorn), Hell’s Archon (an alternate version of The Arc-Angel), Mechano (an alternate version of Dr McGaan, lead developer of HuBot) and Street Angel.

Alternate Realities

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