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This wiki is predominantly concerned with in world material, with almost all of the rules stuff left in the books.

Stirling City

Stirling City is the name of this campaign setting as well as being the fictional city where most of the action is set. The city has a proud history of being home to a number of superheroes. In this section you can find information on the geography of Stirling City as well as finding out a little bit about the people who live in and around the city. This includes information on the companies and businesses of Stirling City, the law enforcement services of Stirling City and also the more unseemly criminal element of Stirling City.


There are various organisations that play a part in the world that Stirling City resides in. Like in the real world these can include Government organisations, but also include both Superhero Groups and Supervillain Groups.


Alternate Realities
The Universe




The Emergence of Heroes
The Perseverance of Heroes

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