Stirling Heroes

This was the group of heroes around who the entire first campaign was based. They were formed back in late 2010 (when they took down Ringmaster for the first time) and they made extensive use of The Arc-Angel’s secret base as their HQ (until he retired and kicked them all out).

Former Members:


  • Francis Fabien, the go-to detective guy
  • The Other Guys, the team that helped bring the Stirling Heroes back from being lost in time and space (HAH! An Arkham Horror reference!)
  • Professor Atom, the go-to science guy
  • Tomorrow Girl, a hapless time lost super hero… er villain… er something

Villains of Note:

  • Feaster, a monstrous creation of The Mad Doctor
  • Hunter, who wants to hunt super powered people.
  • The Mad Doctor, an insane scientist obsessed with improving people by giving them super powers… by exposing them to radiation, experimenting on them, etc.
  • Ringmaster, who blames all of Stirling City for the degradation he experienced in his early life.
  • System Failure, who has a particular dislike for HuBot.
  • Vaigraz, an alien entity that had been bound up in a meteor which had crashed to Earth back n the 1950s.

Stirling Heroes

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