The X-Organization

Formed in [LOCATION DELETED] in February, 1980, by high ranking members of the Pentagon and the White House. This new group was to be run by the highly experienced (see [NAME DELETED] and [NAME DELETED] case files) Ice Queen (a.k.a. [NAME DELETED] and [NAME DELETED]). The initial mission statement of The X-Organization (which was named as such to deflect suspicion) was to keep an eye on Soviet activities, particularly Soviet meta-humans. The team was small to start with but soon grew to [NUMBER DELETED], before glasnost and perestroika came along and changed the game forever.

Along the way The X-Organization had developed a strong, cutting edge, R&D department. The biomechanics gadgets being produced by [NAME DELETED] were so far ahead of their time that he was rumoured to have been super-humanly intelligent (or perhaps a time traveller). Biomechanics gave way to early cybernetics, which soon saw the implementation of the [NAME DELETED] and the safeguarding of the American government. Amongst their most widely used inventions are: Mental Nullifiers; Teleportation Baffles; ESP Shields; and Invisibility Suits.

It was due to the vast amount of highly specialised technology that was being pioneered by The X-Organisation, who somehow managed to retain ownership of the patents on almost all of their discoveries, that they were able to fabricate their own destruction following the “botched” [LOCATION DELETED] mission in [DATE DELETED].

From that point on, The X-Organization no longer officially existed. The continued to do the work they had joined on for, but were no longer at the beck and call of the Pentagon or the White House. They could, and did, continue to pass on information to the government, but they now hoped to serve the entire world and not solely America.

Known Covers:

  • DEUS Technologies. DEUS stands for: Design Examine Understand Simplify.
  • Sentinel Security International

The X-Organization

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