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Welcome to Stirling City!

Stirling City Stories is a Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition game set in the fictional city of… Stirling City. The adventures within this campaign follow the adventures, and misadventures, of a group of inexperienced heroes trying to make their mark on a world that (at times) seems to be full of super heroes and villains of all types.

Thus far, adventures have run the gamut of: insane circus themed villains; Nazis from an alternate reality; robot megalomaniacs from a dystopian future; crazy! uncontrolled time travel; and more besides.

The fictional setting of Stirling City is located on the east coast of America, in roughly the location of Atlantic City (but they aren’t the same place, I just use the weather reports from Atlantic City for guidance when required). In feel, the city is a little bit like Marvel’s New York city (in that there seem to be far more heroes around than could feasibly be possible) or possibly Kurt Busiek’s Astro City (in that, once again, there are too many super heroes around).

Inspiration for the various heroes, villains and organizations has been drawn from a lifetime of comic reading, with (in my mind) clear reference to: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Astro City and Planetary (although this last one is hidden in all the background lore of the world).

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Stirling City Stories

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