Stirling City Stories

Frostbite #1

Sandy: Tangled in the Undertow

While ensuring that the New Larston Bridge remained sturdy following Superstorm Sandy, Frostbite took sad notice of fresh bodies showing up. These bodies weren’t all tumbled around and only looked a little dishevelled, so Frostbite found it hard to believe that they were victims of the storm. They also seemed to make a sort of trail.

Leaping from dry point to dry point, Frostbite made his way upriver for maybe a mile until he caught sight of a man holding a young woman’s head underwater. In anger he leapt to attack, grabbing the villain in his strong arms to prevent any further actions. To his surprise, the man’s form changed to water and he flowed out of Frostbite’s grasp and then returned the attack, all the time demanding to know what Frostbite was in strangely accented English.

They fought for a few moments, but eventually the villain slipped away into the still swollen river and disappeared, leaving Frostbite to make sure that the rescued victim was all right.

Later, when recording the encounter for the Earth Front databases, Frostbite would discover that his opponent had been none other than the mysterious Undertow, a cold hearted killer who had never been caught.



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