Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #61

Sandy: Beneath the Streets

After recovering from their injuries, the Stirling Heroes resolved to approach the East Central Subway Station from a neighbouring subway station (as per HuBot’s recommendation). Before they headed off (having rested at The Arc-Angel’s base), Agent Gibbs was forced to excuse himself, having discovered that his body was exhausted after his unusual exertions (he’d never left the lab before). HuBot, however, had been able to reboot Flicker and also Shadow Stalker had been able to join them, so their numbers were still (kind of) the same.

Reaching the North Central Subway Station, the heroes immediately realised that the water logged subway lines would be freezing cold. Luckily, Shadow Stalker knew just where to pick up some cold weather gear and wetsuits and so shortly the Stirling Heroes were on their way. As they had feared, the subway tunnels were filled with chilling water, but Thorn and HuBot were able to shrug off the effects with the aid of her “borrowed” clothing. Frostbite (and Flicker), of course, didn’t mind the temperature at all, while Shadow Stalker just followed their progress with his ESP from somewhere comfortable.

Eventually they came to a massive wall of ice blocking the tunnel, so while HuBot began slicing his way through it, Shadow Stalker investigated the other side. Here he found an Ice Giant, which he was easily able to possess with his newfound psychic prowess. Using the Ice Giant’s mighty axe, Shadow Stalker was able to speed things along by hacking away at the ice wall on the opposite side to HuBot. Unfortunately, just as they broke through, the Ice Giant threw off Shadow Stalker’s possession and they were forced to fight the creature, luckily being able to fell him easily.

Further along, they were attacked by a group of Yetis, but apparently their natural invisibility didn’t protect them in the dark tunnels and the heroes (who could all see in the dark fairly well) were able to deal with them quickly.

Continuing on along the iced over subway tunnel, the heroes soon came to a roaring blizzard, somehow being generated within the tunnel itself. Once again Frostbite was able to suppress the blizzard conditions. Ahead they could then make out the subway station itself, covered in a fine covering of snow and being brightly lit by several floodlights (that were being powered by mobile generators). Knowing that there could be Yetis hidden in the well-lit snow, Frostbite and Shadow Stalker headed to take out the generators while HuBot laid down some covering flash-bang grenades. Thorn, meanwhile, was still suffering from wounds suffered earlier and so tried to provide support fire as best she could.

Although it looked like the Stirling Heroes would be able to quickly defeat the Yetis, they couldn’t to counter the sheer savagery that the beasts could summon. Which was nothing compared to the added danger of The Snowman, who lent support to his minions by hampering the heroes’ movement and visibility. Both Frostbite and Shadow Stalker soon found themselves down and almost out, although Shadow Stalker was able to teleport them both to safety. Thorn was able to utilise her healing serum to regain mobility, but was then cruelly injured once more. Lastly, HuBot (and Flicker) were able to chase down The Snowman, who (having run out of minions) was running for safety. Unfortunately, The Snowman proved more than a match for HuBot, leaving the synthetic humanoid trapped in a block of ice while he continued to make his escape.

Below, on the now dark subway station, Thorn continued to hobble her way towards the exit. Then, in the distance, she caught sight of a dim, flickering blue-white light…



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