Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #62

Sandy: Invasion of the Ice Giants

Thorn made her way towards the flickering blue-white light so as to better ascertain what it was, only to find a shimmering portal with Ice Giants stepping through it from somewhere else (probably wherever Ice Giants come from). Seeing this she immediately contacted Professor Atom for his aid in shutting down the portal and then contacted Shadow Stalker for aid in getting out of the dark subway. Up on street level, where Frostbite was using his powers to recover, Thorn set about waiting for Professor Atom…

Meanwhile, a recovered Agent Gibbs had made it to the North Central Subway Station but had (of course) found the Stirling Heroes already gone. A short commlink conversation later and he was soon swinging his way towards the heroes’ new location.

By the time Professor Atom arrived, Shadow Stalker had been force to begin plugging up the entrance to the subway station with nearby cars to prevent the ever increasing number of Ice Giants from getting out. After a brief discussion with Thorn concerning what she saw of the portal (while Shadow Stalker used this time to build up further car barricades to prevent the Ice Giants from just walking up to the next station), Professor Atom determined that they were dealing with a magical portal, something he would have little chance of affecting. So, while Frostbite tried to get in touch with White Lady, Professor Atom put in a call to Water Sprite (via her husband Scarlet Streak). Seconds later when these two heroes arrived, Thorn explained the situation to them and Water Sprite was forced to admit that it sounded like it was beyond her capabilities. Before they could think about contacting anyone else (which would probably have been The Eagle), Scarlet Streak (who had been continuing to help those around the city with his super speed the entire time) alerted everyone to the Ice Giant invasion that had begun. The Ice Giants were suddenly pouring out of five different subway stations (the actions of the Stirling Heroes had meant that it wasn’t six subway stations) and were starting to wreak havoc across the city. Already the MRC was beginning to teleport into the city in great numbers and the entirety of The Heroes’ League had just shown up.

After a brief conference it was decided that the already injured Stirling Heroes should go and join Night Target in protecting the Stirling General Hospital, which was in the path of a group of Ice Giants. Night Target welcomed the addition of more heroes (he had been wondering how he was going to stop fifty or one hundred giants with just his pistols), but no sooner had the Stirling Heroes spread out to prepare for the giants than the previously hidden Hunter (!) shot Night Target in the head!

Without a sound the veteran hero fell to the ground dead.

Leaping into action, the Stirling Heroes attacked Hunter, bringing him to the ground and battering him considerably before Frostbite ended up throwing him at the lead Ice Giant (he missed). And then the Ice Giants were on them. Shadow Stalker used his possession ability to sow confusion and chaos within the ranks of the Ice Giants, while Thorn chose her targets carefully and tried to put down as many as possible. Frostbite, in his typical fashion, charged the enemy head on and many of the Ice Giants met their end that day beneath his slashing icy claws. Agent Gibbs, on the other hand, used his superior agility and accuracy to nimbly move in and out of the Ice Giant line, attacking his targets and then retreating out of range. Despite their best efforts, however, they were only four against nearly overwhelming odds.

As Hunter regained footing, Shadow Stalker possessed a nearby giant and threw the murderous villain once more, this time knocking him unconscious against the side of a building. Despite this momentary surge of hope however they knew their moments were numbered as Frostbite succumbed to a sea of flailing axes. Then the heroes discovered the giant’s leader, Njord, and were able to focus their attacks on him somewhat (unaware that the MRC had landed a block away and were slowly making their way through the remaining Ice Giant troops towards the hospital). Carefully Thorn scampered around, evading the wild attacks of the Njord while trying to land telling blows of her own, until eventually the giant collapsed to the ground and Agent Gibbs, Shadow Stalker and Thorn were able to breathe easier for a time.

With the hospital safe, the Stirling Heroes were finally able to receive medical attention. The MRC secured the unconscious Ice Giants and their leader Njord, as well as Hunter. Within a short amount of time news began reaching the hospital (mainly via the MRC) that the battle was won and the Ice Giants were retreating. Within the hour they all received confirmation of this from Scarlet Streak, as he ran around gathering up all of the various heroes that were scattered around the city for a debriefing.

Strong-Man and Gallant addressed everyone concerning the details of the Ice Giant attack, which had been led by Jack Frost. Jack Frost had been defeated by Strong-Man, which is probably the only reason that the giants had eventually retreated. The assembled heroes took the news of Night Target’s death badly after this, but worse was to come. A battered and bruised Blur (who had been waiting in safety at The Heroes’ League HQ in New York) suddenly arrived. He told of how The Major had led a raid against their HQ; how the veteran hero Toxic Fumes had been killed by the murderous android; and of how the armoury of The Heroes’ League had been raided.



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