Stirling City Stories

The Arc-Angel #8

Sandy: Street Demons and Surprises

While aiding those injured by the ravages of Superstorm Sandy, The Arc-Angel was alarmed to hear a collection of gunshots going off. They sounded not far from where he currently was so he set off to see if there was a problem. Flying swiftly, he soon found the source of the gunfire. A group of more than twenty young men were gathered on a roof listening to a strange demonic woman telling them to go and murder in her name. Before the men could do as the demon commanded, The Arc-Angel swept in and lay about with his lightning, felling the criminals before they could do more than scream: “For the Street Demon!” Such was the ferocity of The Arc-Angel’s attack that he was even able to overpower this Street Demon before she could counter-attack.

The situation contained, The Arc-Angel contacted Shadow Stalker to help him to transport the demon but before his eyes she transformed from the unconscious Street Demon into the unconscious Ange Tron (his sister)! Without explaining everything (not that he knew everything to explain anyway), The Arc-Angel then got Shadow Stalker to teleport himself and Ange Tron back to the containment cells in his base (Shadow Stalker then went off to get HuBot’s assistance in taking care of Street Demon’s minions).

When Ange Tron regained consciousness, she claimed no knowledge of what had transpired (and, grudgingly, The Arc-Angel believed her). She was, however, quite put out at being held captive by a “hero” and threatened legal action from her brother when he discovered what had happened.



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