Stirling City Stories

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #1

Daylight Robbery

15 June 2017

While The Herald was visiting a nursing home, trying to pass on knowledge of Kamgwe to the residents, she was contacted by a friend of hers within the Stirling Police, telling her to check out the local news. Without hesitating she arranged this and was able to catch the coverage of the aftermath of a daring daylight attack on an armoured car while it was crossing over the New Larston Bridge. The news footage clearly revealing the seemingly gridlocked bridge, with a ring of flashing police lights and a small plume of smoke indicating where the incident occurred. Upon seeing all of this The Herald contacts the rest of her team and brings them up to speed, before arranging to meet them all at the New Larston Bridge as soon as possible.

The Herald and The Spirit of Sobek arrive at the scene first, as both could ignore the traffic snarls that this bridge incident had sparked. Upon being allowed into the crime scene The Herald speaks to the lead detective, Detective Daniels, while waiting for the others to arrive. From Detective Daniels The Herald learns that: a group of people attacked an armoured car, burst the tires and forced it to stop; they removed the armoured car’s rear door and emptied out a whole lot of money; they escaped by flying off upriver somewhere. By the time Daniels has finished this account The Inquisitor and the Stirling Slugger have arrived at the scene (on foot, having been forced to leave the Stirling Slugger’s car some distance away).

With everyone present, The Inquisitor and The Spirit of Sobek begin searching the crime scene and gathering evidence while The Herald talks to the crime scene techs who have recently processed the scene themselves and she manages to convince them to share their results with the heroes (once they’ve analysed what they have gained). The crime scene techs can confirm that the armoured car’s tyres were taken out first, then some sort of explosive was used on the back. Meanwhile the Stirling Slugger looks to question any witnesses, but instead gets sidetracked by an attractive woman in a nearby car (who is stuck in traffic and not interested in him).

The Inquisitor and The Spirit of Sobek succeed in gathering some evidence for later processing (including: bullet casings, explosives trace, a paint scraping, deformed spent bullets, finger prints). The Inquisitor also takes note of some nearby surveillance cameras that may have caught the attack on film. The Spirit of Sobek climbs up high to survey the surrounding area, but can catch no sight of any fleeing robbers.

At this stage the heroes decided to split up to cover more ground.

The Inquisitor (once again being driven by the Stirling Slugger) headed south to Tron Labs to see if they have any relevant surveillance footage. On the was The Inquisitor also phones the security company that owns the armoured car to enquire into footage from the car’s internal cameras, however the person who answered the phone was not very helpful (they were quite dismissive in fact). The Inquisitor then thinks to talk to The Herald, who arranges for Detective Daniels to give them access to security footage from the bridge as well as any footage from inside the armoured car. At Tron Labs, The Inquisitor and the Stirling Slugger are introduced to Gibbs, a talking blue gibbon who is apparently the head of security for the place. He agrees to check their river facing security footage and to pass on anything they may have caught. The heroes then head on to the Stirling Water Plant.

On the other side of the river (the north side), The Herald, with The Spirit of Sobek following along almost invisibly, manages to eventually find some workers who had potentially witnessed some flying individuals. However, they were viewing them from some distance and were unsure as to what they had actually seen. The workers thought the flying people might have headed south. After a little more looking around, The Herald and The Spirit of Sobek turned around to head back to the bridges to make their way across the river.

At the Stirling Water Plant the two heroes were able to easily gain entrance thanks to the gate security guard recognising the Stirling Slugger (as Billy Butler, the somewhat famous former baseball player). This recognition gained them access to the security office where Frank, the security chief, helped them check through the recent footage of the river. On one camera they were able to distantly make out what could possibly be some flying figures flying along and then flying south into the city. By getting the Stirling Slugger to head outside, The Inquisitor was then able to calculate roughly where the “possible flying figures” turned away from the river and headed inland. Thanking Frank for his assistance, The Inquisitor and Stirling Slugger then headed off to see if they could find any further traces of these mysterious flying attackers.


Leaving comment so I remember for next time: What happened to the Armored Car’s driver & guard?

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #1

Lol… I wondered if anyone would think about them. :D

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #1

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