Stirling City Stories

The Other Guys #10

Sandy: To Save the World

Having helped make Hunter’s Dojo secure, which Alice Hunter was grateful for, The Other Guys had proceeded to help out the citizens of Stirling City where they could. Being without Obfuscate (who’s show was playing a limited season in Las Vegas and was currently unavailable) or Blue Steel (who they hadn’t heard more than a few sentences from since she “helped” the Stirling Heroes out a month or so back) meant that the others were limited in their options, but they still made the most of things. Burnished Dawn was indispensible in healing the injured; The Black Ghost could easily walk through collapsed walls to reach people trapped inside buildings; and Lightning Hachi was kept busy fetching supplies and scouting out trouble. All in all they were doing good.

It was in the midst of this that a man, Bob, walked up to Burnished Dawn and asked for the assistance of The Other Guys in saving the world.

Once The Black Ghost and Lightning Hachi had returned Bob went on to explain that he had seen a dark time coming. He had seen the city reduced to smoldering rubble and the people of the earth led away in chains. He hadn’t seen everything, he claimed, but from he had seen he knew that to stop this they had to rescue Nova from Dynamic Solutions. Bob then explained that Dynamic Solutions was a scientific research company in Stirling City and that Nova was, form what he remembered from a few years earlier, a young hero.

Agreeing too help, The Other Guys sprang into action. Lightning Hachi began by scouting out the outside of Dynamic Solutions. He found it to be a fortified structure more akin to a military base than a research facility. There were guards around (wearing armour similar to that worn by The Larston Guardian) and they carried strange bulky looking guns.

When they got closer, The Black Ghost then scouted the inside of the building (well, the two basement levels at any rate). He found more guards and heavy security features as well as several prisoners. The first two (each held in a separate cell) were Professor Emil Erhardt and Professor Takinawa. Both looked worse for wear and Professor Erhardt claimed to have not even known he was in Stirling City. The other prisoner, held in a bizarre contraption by his hands and feet, was Nova (or so The Black Ghost assumed).

Their first plan was to teleport in and grab the prisoners and escape, but Burnished Dawn soon discovered that she was blocked from teleporting inside the building. So their second plan was for The Black Ghost to disable the building’s power supply so that Burnished Dawn could then teleport in and grab the prisoners. Lightning Hachi was to provide support to Burnished Dawn.

After a bit of a false start, with The Black Ghost almost being caught by guards, The Black Ghost was to figure out that Nova was being used to power the building. He was then able to roughly disguise himself as a technician so that he could close enough to pull a thick cable out of the back of the bizarre contraption holding Nova. Immediately the lights flickered and died and Burnished Dawn teleported herself and Lightning Hachi to within a metre or so of The Black Ghost.

Then the guards, who were not hampered at all by the darkness or by Burnished Dawn’s blinding light (when she raised it) began attacking. Miniature rockets came firing out of the guard’s bulky looking guns, hitting the heroes (only) and incapacitating Lightning Hachi straight away. Burnished Dawn and The Black Ghost fought well, but in all too short a time they too had fallen before the overwhelming firepower at the guards’ disposal (fire power that greatly resembled the power of a multi-gun, if only The Other Guys had ever seen one in action). They were knocked down and they were restrained with power dampening devices.

Outside, Bob nodded and headed off into the city. Everything had turned out as he knew it would.



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