Kamgwe's Herald

Incredibly charismatic and potent with Mind-Altering Magic


Born Bethany Benally on 13/5/1998.

Bethany is the youngest of four children in her family. Growing up quite affluently in Northshore, Bethany was often ignored by her parents and siblings, but that didn’t concern her as she found it easy to make friends and had a natural talent for getting people to go along with her ideas and plans.

Her life had been relatively uneventful until just after her 17th Birthday. One of her many friends was Tavos, an aspiring gangster in Elysium, a gang who specialises in magic (and drugs). Tavos sought her out one day and told her that the gang had acquired an ancient deerskin inscribed with mystic runes that was rumoured to enable the bearer to commune with a trapped spirit. Tavos believed that it might be an ancient relic from his tribe and begged Bethany to buy it for them (since Bethany was also of Native American descent, although her family only really acknowledged it for tax purposes). Bethany figured it couldn’t hurt and had been quite interested in magic for a while (although with limited success), it was how she had become friends with Tavos.

Bethany bought the deerskin and took it to the basement of her family home where she kept her magic stuff (and where she was out of the way of the rest of her family). She planned to take it with Tavos to the tribe elders, however that evening she woke with strange sensation. Bethany climbed out of bed to see the runes on the deerskin glowing and she found that she could understand them. Reading aloud the words, a magical vortex appeared and Bethany’s mind was opened and she sent her consciousness through the portal and met Kamgwe.

Kamgwe told her of his entrapment many centuries ago by a tribe which sought to enslave the good tribes which worshipped Kamgwe. His prison had been sealed with the deerskin and only a descendent of one of the shamans who created it could have broken the seal. He thanked Bethany and taught her much about magic and asked only one thing in return “Tell people about me so that they may worship me again. Once I have enough worshippers I will have the strength to leave this prison now that the seal is broken.”

When Bethany awoke only minutes had passed and with a final flare of light, the ancient deerskin crumbled to dust. Are her senses fully returned to the real world, Bethany knew her mission, to tell people of Kamgwe, and immediately knew the best way to do this. She would take her new magical powers and become the most famous superhero in all of Stirling City, she would be Kamgwe’s Herald.

Kamgwe's Herald

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