The Inquisitor


The Inquisitor, and assumes his name is Gahyd, as that’s the name the computer in the escape pod uses when talking to him.

Notes to build on:

- Crashed landed about 5 years ago.
- Escape pod appeared suddenly and was heading towards Earth
- “accidentally” shot down, causing damage to the craft and memory loss to the Inquisitor
- Worked out there was an issue on the mothership, either because of the transporting phenomenon, or causing it, but that’s all he knows so far.
- Would like to work with Professor Atom to at least determine if he’s from this universe and/or this time, and then hopefully work back.
- Earthlings have been helpful, although there are many problems apparent to anyone as smart as him, so he’s using his vast intellect to become a hero and ensure justice and logic prevails.
- Has a penchant for proving his superior intellect, which means if there’s a logic or mechanical puzzle that can’t be solved by him instantly, he gets fixated until he solves it.

June, 2012: The Inquisitor’s escape pod is shot down over US soil, after it suddenly appeared on a number of organisation’s scanners just outside earth’s atmosphere. The Inquisitor survives the landing but has no memory of where he came from or how he came to be crashing. The MRC take him into protective custody (the US military had wanted to take him in for questioning), although he is eventually turned over to Professor Atom’s care.

The Inquisitor

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