Stirling City Stories

Stirling Heroes #8

Rise of The Templar!

On a bitterly cold day in Stirling City, Thorn receives word from her superiors that the racist villain known as The Templar had apparently walked through the walls of Pelican Island Penitentiary to his freedom. Quickly she gathered her companions (except for Shadow Stalker who had fled to Florida) and they made their way to the prison to learn what they could.

As the ferry had been closed due to the escape, Captain Awesome tired himself carrying Thorn and HuBot over to the island where Warden Stevens welcomed them. Luckily his exertion was well worth it, as between The Arc-Angel’s questioning and Thorn’s mind probing they were able to discover that members The New Crusaders, a white supremacist group, had been communicating and visiting The Templar while he was in prison.

While the other three caught the reopened ferry back to the mainland, The Arc-Angel sped back to his lab where he was able to “access” police records concerning The New Crusaders (as well as the individual members that had been in contact with The Templar). He was able to discover that they gathered at a bar called The General Lee in Larston. Without wasting any time he hurried to meet his companions at the Larston Docks and there they made their way through the frigid streets to The General Lee. Here, Captain Awesome was able to convince those members of The New Crusaders that were present that he was an associate of The Templar. Taken in by his ruse these New Crusaders told Captain Awesome where The Templar was headed: a Muslim cultural centre in Avery!

As they sped towards Avery, Thorn was shot (twice) by an unseen sniper. Luckily both shots did little more than annoy her. Unable to find her attacker the heroes continued on their way to the cultural centre.

Once they had arrived, The Arc-Angel and Captain Awesome checked out the perimeter while HuBot and Thorn stormed the front door. Inside they were confronted by two mailed New Crusaders who immediately engaged them in combat. Within moments reinforcements for both sides had arrived, but the heroes showed their true mettle by dispatching the villains in short order. The Arc-Angel in particular seemed to take great umbrage with his foes, felling them swiftly with blasts of electricity.

Then, before they could catch their breaths, the heroes were confronted by yet more New Crusaders, as well as The Templar himself. Almost a dozen innocent Muslims were bound in the central hall, so the heroes wasted no time in taking down the vile thugs. The Templar, however, proved harder to tackle as he used his newfound intangibility to close with Captain Awesome and Thorn. The Templar used his skill with the sword to keep those two heroes busy, but eventually his luck ran out for he could not stand for long against the combined might of all four heroes.

Within minutes, the police and paramedics had arrived to round up the captured New Crusaders and The Templar and to see to the injured or slain hostages.



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