Stirling City Stories

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #2

Daylight Robbery (Cont.)

Part 1: Following Leads

15 June 2017

The Herald had only just crossed the Old Larston Bridge when her mobile began ringing. From a nearby rooftop, The Spirit of Sobek watched her pull over to the side of the road to answer and then, moments later turn her bike around and head straight back across the bridge. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but decided to keep tailing her just in case.

Meanwhile, the Stirling Slugger and The Inquisitor had driven to a street in West Larston where they had roughly determined that the armoured car robbers had turned south. Independently they worked their way down the street, talking to people and attempting to get further security video footage (for either themselves of the police) as they went. The rocket pack wearing robbers had left an impression on the locals, though the sight of people flying under their own power wasn’t special enough to have made any of them call the police. After walking for several blocks they crossed a major road and began to find that no-one had seen the criminals, so they must have turned off somewhere. Realising that they needed a different point of view, The Inquisitor called The Spirit of Sobek (who was still trailing after The Herald) who agreed to meet up with them. Thanks to his speed, they knew this would only take a few minutes.

While the two heroes were standing on the corner waiting for The Spirit of Sobek to arrive they noticed a group of five men approaching them. All of the men were wearing distinctive black hoodies that partially concealed their features. The group came to stand in front of the heroes and demanded that the heroes clear out, which they refused. Then, after a small misunderstanding a brief fight broke out in which one of the five thugs pulled out a machine-pistol and tried (successfully) shooting both The Inquisitor and Stirling Slugger (the remaining thugs drew knives, to lesser effect). Despite incurring minor bullet wounds, the heroes were quickly able to overcome the thugs and call the police.

By the time that The Spirit of Sobek had arrived, the police had also arrived and were taking the five assailants into custody. While Stirling Slugger and The Inquisitor gave their statements to the police, the reptilian hero then climbed to a nearby roof to survey the area. The only nearby detail that stood out to him was the three storey parking garage a few buildings away, as he could see security cameras installed on some of the building’s corners.

Once the other heroes had finished with the police they all then walked up to the parking garage where they learned, from the helpful attendant and his limited surveillance cameras, that the bridge robbers landed on the roof level of the garage and climbed into waiting vans before driving off. The van drivers (who were possibly two of the robbers, not wearing helmets) paid their parking fee and left, heading south. The Inquisitor called the police again and reported this new development to Detective Daniels. Before leaving the garage the heroes also arranged for copies of the surveillance tapes to be sent to the police and themselves, and had taken some pictures (on their phones) of the van drivers.

With no further trails to follow, the three heroes head back to headquarters where they found that The Herald had left them a message explaining that a family emergency had cropped up and that she would be back in touch later.

While The Spirit of Sobek and the Stirling Slugger went about their usual business, The Inquisitor then spends some time analysing the evidence they gathered earlier. While he isn’t able to learn anything from most of the evidence, he is able to learn that the bullet casings they had gathered came from custom designed ammunition (for custom weapons) designed and constructed by the now defunct Dynamic Solutions, which had been at the centre of all that controversy (and inter-dimensional invasion) several years earlier.

Part 2: New Directions

16 June 2017

The following morning the heroes go about their usual routine until The Spirit of Sobek hears (from the morning news) that a fourth victim of a possible ape/monkey assailant is recovering in hospital. As this makes him think that The Sewer King, or one of his other experiments, may be involved (if not directly responsible) The Spirit of Sobek takes particular note.

The Inquisitor then gets around to calling Detective Daniels to tell him about the bullet casings (which the police CSIs may very well have already discovered). The Inquisitor asks if there could be any illegal weapon’s deals going on in the city, to explain how people could be using specialised Dynamic Solutions weaponry. Detective Daniels agrees this is a possibility and mentions that there are rumours of arms dealing going on in Larston.

While The Inquisitor is on the phone, The Spirit of Sobek reminds him to ask about the armoured car’s guards (who they had forgotten to inquire about the previous day); as it turned out, they were both fine. The armoured car company had a policy concerning super-powered (or over-powered) attacks and so the guards had stayed out of the robbers way and had not been hurt in the slightest.

After further prompting from The Spirit of Sobek, The Inquisitor also asks Detective Daniels about the so-called monkey attacks. Detective Daniels is happy enough to transfer them through to another Detective for this, as he isn’t handling that case. After being on hold for a minute or two, The Inquisitor is able to talk to Detective Harris who doesn’t seem too impressed at being “in charge” of the “monkey case”. Harris tells them that there have been four attacks in the north Old Stirling/ Avery area, with one fatality so far; the three surviving victims needed some medical attention and all report being attacked by a hairy ape/monkey/person. He does note that the former enhanced animal superhero known as Agent Gibbs is currently a person of interest (The Inquisitor dismisses Agent Gibbs as a suspect, having met the creature the previous day and thinking him incapable of violent, physical attacks). The Inquisitor informs Detective Harris that The Exalted Alliance will be looking into these crimes.

While The Inquisitor initially wants to go and immediately search Stirling Park for the “monkey attacker”, the Stirling Slugger talks him out of this and the three heroes instead hop into The Inquisitor’s car and drive to Larston in search of illegal weapons (and illegal weapons dealers). However, once they had arrived in Larston (and parked the car in a secure facility), they had some difficulty finding anyone who was willing to speak to them, with many passers-by actually crossing the street to avoid them entirely. Eventually they found their way to a seedy bar occupied by half a dozen bikers, where they ordered some drinks and tried to settle in before interrogating the bikers. The bikers decided pretty quickly that the “freaks” should leave, quickly, and reluctantly the heroes complied (after finishing their drinks) to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness.

After this setback they made their way to a nearby medical clinic, where they managed to find a male nurse who was willing to give them some information “off the record”. He told them that there had been an increase in strange gang related injuries recently, but these were like “laser burns”, not specialised bullets (if they would even look different from normal bullets). He insisted that none of the victims were willing to speak out against the local gang, the New Crusaders, for fear of retribution.

Leaving the medical clinic, the heroes decide that they should observe these New Crusaders to see if they deal in illegal weapons. They also decide that they should have a look around at night for the “monkey attacker” (in the Old Stirling/Avery area). As it was still mid-morning at this point, they split up, with The Spirit of Sobek remaining in Larston to try and observe the New Crusaders while the Stirling Slugger and The Inquisitor headed back the headquarters.

While The Spirit of Sobek spent a long day standing watch over the seedy bar they had so quickly left earlier in the day, The Inquisitor set to work in his lab and constructed a device to allow them to remotely listen in to a specific location, which he felt would be of great use that night.



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