Stirling City Stories

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #3

Searching for the Strangler

Part 1: Taking care of Family

15 – 16 June 2017

She had just finished crossing the Old Larston Bridge when Kamgwe’s Herald had received the phone call from her mother. The message had been pretty simple: your grandmother has had a fall, you should come and help fix her up. Of course she would go and use her magic to help, but there was no reason for the attitude, right?

Getting back to the family house in Stirling City hadn’t taken too long, she’d already been on her bike after all. The drive in the family car up to the reservation, though, seemed to take about four thousand years rather than the four hours it had actually taken. This is why she avoided family things.

Grandma Eagle was propped up in her bed and in a lot of pain. She’d broken some bones, maybe her hip, when she’d fallen trying to do something she was too old to be doing. Her children were all there and they were concerned. They had all heard about Kamgwe by now; most, probably, did not believe. But they would. So The Herald stood beside Grandma Eagle’s bed and worked her magic and the old lady was healed.

The Herald wanted to immediately head back to Stirling City, as she had work to do, but this was not to be. They all stayed overnight and Grandma Eagle insisted on cooking for everyone. It was a Thursday night and no-one else had much of anywhere to be, so a great deal was made and no-one left that night. Her family even made noises to indicate that they would be staying for the weekend as well, making a short holiday out of the whole event. Luckily though, during dinner, The Herald’s Uncle, Tom Eagle, did kindly offer to drive her home on the following day, as he had to get back to work in Stirling City.

The following day, of course, things did not quite work out that easy. They planned to get going early, but somehow they ended up having lunch with everyone. Finally they got going, but then there was a lengthy detour that they had to follow, which managed to turn a four hour drive into something even longer. So, it was not until quite late on the Friday night that The Herald arrived back in Stirling City.

Part 2: Searching the Streets

16 – 17 June 2017

The Inquisitor had only just finished working on his invention and was explaining it to the Stirling Slugger when The Herald finally returned to their headquarters. They both immediately set to explaining to her where they had gotten to with the case, as well as explaining about the new so-called monkey attacker case as well.

As they were planning on using the night time to search for the attacker, The Herald made use of her police contacts to get further details about the case (location of attacks, number of victims, etc.). From what she learned they decide to have someone pose as a potential victim and wander through the areas of previous attacks in the hopes of attracting the attacker. While The Inquisitor was happy to be dressed up as a potential victim, his unusual appearance made him a little unsuitable so they eventually settled on disguising the Stirling Slugger as “a drunk guy in between nightclubs”.

While The Herald took her time getting the Stirling Slugger’s disguise to look just right, The Inquisitor spent his time devising their tactics for when (or if) they did encounter the attacker. He also remembered to communicate with the Spirit of Sobek, who had been still hanging out observing the seedy bar they had visited earlier that day. (The Spirit of Sobek agreed to head back to base soon, but then got distracted by something.)

Finally they set out from headquarters at a little after one in the morning. The Stirling Slugger led the way in his disguise, while the other two followed at a little distance (with The Inquisitor carrying the Stirling Slugger’s gear). Slowly they made their way from nightclub to nightclub using predominantly dark shadowy alleys, working their their way from Avery down into Old Stirling.

Luckily, after two and half hours of wandering and hoping, as the Stirling Slugger was walking down yet another dark alley, a hairy figure appeared out of the darkness and grabbed him, stunning him in the process! (Hooray, progress!) As The Inquisitor and The Herald then hurried to catch up, the Stirling Slugger did his best to try and fight off the crushing arms of his attacker. In the dark shadows of the alley The Herald found it difficult to even make out where the attacker and the Stirling Slugger were grappling. The Inquisitor had no such problem and was able to easily close with the grappling pair and hold out the Stirling Slugger’s baseball bat for when he had a free hand (while also firing his own pistol at the monkey-looking attacker to little effect).

Eventually The Herald was able to accurately perceive the attacker (which had been made difficult due to the poor lighting) and was able to mind control the simian attacker. Despite its animalistic appearance it could understand her commands and she was able to make it lie down and allow itself to be handcuffed. With The Herald managing to keep the creature docile, The Inquisitor was able to call the police and they all headed out of the alley to a more well-lit location to wait.

Within a few minutes several police cruisers had arrived and they applied power nullifying restraints to the captive. They had discovered that while the attacker could clearly understand English, it seemed unable to speak (at least in any way that could be understood), so the heroes could not fathom the reasons for an oversized monkey to go around mugging people. For the time being, at least, the police then took the creature away into custody.

At that point, since it was after 4am and they were all pretty tired, they headed back to base to rest.

Much later in the day, when they had begun to rouse, they found that the news outlets were calling their assailant “The Simian Strangler”. Their capture of the creature was the BIG NEWS of the day.



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