Stirling City Stories

The Exalted Alliance: Issue #7

Daylight Robbery: Debrief

21 June 2017

It has been several days since the eventful raid at the former Dynamic Solutions site and Detective Daniels invites The Exalted Alliance down to police headquarters for a bit of a debrief.

While Eric Iabo, the so-called Dynamo Soldier, is indeed in the wind, the police are confident that they have captured the rest of a relatively notorious mercenary group. The group, who had been known as the Dynamo Boys were all captured and between the illegal weapons and armour and stolen goods, the District Attorney is optimistic about their chances of being convicted. In addition, District Attorneys from several other parts of the country have been in touch about possibly prosecuting the Dynamo Boys for crimes committed in their jurisdictions.

The heroes then thought to ask after their “new friend”, Iain, who was of course arrested with all of his companions. Detective Daniels was able to pass on that Iain was looking to cut a deal (as many of his comrades now saw him as a traitor anyway) and was working closely with the District Attorney and detectives.

He then moves on to less good news, informing the heroes that while they had been awaiting a warrant to legally search The Marrionette someone had managed to completely empty out the storage room. When the warrant had finally come through (on the afternoon of the 18th) there had been no signs of the suspicious looking crates. Video surveillance of the outside of the building doesn’t show anyone arriving or leaving and the police left to guard the building can all be seen not entering the building. At present, they are assuming that some sort of meta-human ability has been utilised to clear the evidence. If nothing else, this has proven to the police that those crates were definitely something that they wanted to investigate and they will be paying much closer attention to The New Crusaders from now on.

Finally, as the heroes left, Detective Daniels thanked them again for their assistance on bringing the case to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. He promises that himself, or another detective, will be in touch if they turn up anything to do with either Eric Iabo or the illegal weapons.



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